Border crisis denial as Biden refuses to visit after Trump challenge

You can almost smell the panic over the suffering of the left’s absolute favorite victim group, children “of color,” lured over the border by Biden’s reversal of the successful Trump policies. When Texas Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn led a delegation of GOP senators visiting border facilities where children were being crowded into miserable, dangerous, inhumane conditions, Biden’s handlers actually sent a staffer to try to interfere with them getting pictures:

Imagine if the Trump administration had tried to block members of Congress, and separate and equal branch of the federal government, from finding facts about its performance.

But of course, 95%+ of the media are in on the game with the Dems, so instead of kicking up a fuss, they are playing defense and telling their reporters not to use the word “crisis” to describe the crisis. Keith J. Kelly:

The Washington Post is drawing heat yet again — this time for changes it made to a story about immigration along the southern border. 

A post that ran on March 25 initially carried a headline that read: “There’s no migrant ‘surge’ at the U.S. southern border. Here’s the data.”

The revised headline reads: “The migrant ‘surge’ at the US southern border is actually a predictable pattern.”

There were also changes in the accompanying text. The original version, for example, read: “what we’re seeing in other words isn’t a surge or crisis, but a predictable seasonal shift.”

The new version doesn’t weigh on whether it is a surge or not but says simply: “What we’re seeing right now is a predictable seasonal shift.”

The AP is all in on the Orwell strategy, as Ted Cruz sarcastically noted in a tweet:

Former President Donald Trump, with his incredible eye for the weak points of his opponents, has zeroed in on Biden’s vulnerability by promising to visit the border himself (complete with Secret Service protection). This hits Biden in two ways: it highlights Biden’s indifference to the suffering of children (after all the fuss kicked up over Trump allegedly putting “children in cages”) and it highlights Biden’s frailty, including climbing the stair into Air Force One, and his inability to handle spontaneous events with focus and clarity in his remarks.

Caught by a reporter (whose identity I can’t determine) and asked about Trump’s challenge, Biden could only cite his plans and say, “I don’t care what the other guy does.”

Twitter video screengrab

Nice of him to refuse to say the name of his immediate predecessor. Almost as if it is so scary, he dare not utter the name. It is also setting up “the other guy” as the logical alterative to himself.

As for his “plans,” the crisis is only going to get worse

Eric Trump said it very well on Maria Bartiromo’s Sunday show on Fox News:

“My father had fixed this problem. Illegal immigration was not a problem anymore,” Eric Trump told Fox News on Sunday. “That’s the most humane form of immigration where you don’t have people making this dangerous trek, and it literally shows you what bad policy can do to the country that in 90 days, in less than 90 days, a system that was working and was perfect and that was fixed turned to absolute junk.”

Here is video of the entire 6 minute+ plus interview:

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