Biden's 'News' conference lite

We finally had our Biden news conference.  I suspected it would be performance art, nothing more.  I was correct.

Biden obviously had a stack of well ordered notes on his podium.  No paper was flipped.  He barely blinked.  He called on ten predetermined "diverse" people.  He was not surprised by any question.  He picked the reporters by first name.  He conspicuously did not call on the representative from Fox News.

When it started, it was a case of "queue the predictable questions."  Biden would look down at his notes, then look the camera in the eye, advertise his good-guy status, and skewer Trump whenever possible.

There was no doubt that he'd had hours, even days, of rehearsal.  He managed, without too many moments of confusion (although he notably said he'd started in the Senate 120 years ago), to make his points.

Biden's questioners put just enough edge in the questions to appear spontaneous while leading him down his chosen path, although a few follow-ups seemed to confuse him, yielding borderline nonsensical answers.  At least nobody asked him about ice cream.

For the most part, Biden lied crassly.  The media will repeat and amplify his lies, building a stronger narrative for the Progressive agenda of open borders, gun control, bad bills being passed, and "The Man" being in charge.

But Biden really isn't in charge, and his lies showed it.  He bragged about a million vaccinations being given and a commitment to 2 million within his first hundred days.  The truth is that the first million weren't Biden's, nor will the next be.  Trump did that.  Biden would have had no vaccines to mete out, nor a method to disburse them, without Trump's Operation Warp Speed, pre-purchase of 10,000,000 doses before approval, and his set-up for distribution.  Sorry, Biden didn't build that.

I'm not going to touch on all the points.  I mostly want to stick to immigration because the lies Biden told about the border bordered on obscene.

Biden claimed we'd had a 31% increase in children at the border under Trump and that Trump left them "sitting on the edge of the Rio Grande in a muddy circumstance with not enough to eat."  If that were true, you can bet we would have heard about that, early and often.

What's actually happened is that Biden ignored Trump's sensible programs to keep the migrants in their home countries and his agreement with Mexico to keep the ones that got that far in Mexico.  He deflected questions about the poor conditions at his border, with assurances that he was dealing with it.  He claimed that the U.S. is sending back the "vast majority" of people and that only solo kids were being let in.  He stated that "over 70% are either 16 or 17 years old" and that "less than I think it's one and a half percent fall in the category of the very young."

We know from other reporting that most of the unaccompanied kids, regardless of age, are male.  These older kids, in their society, are actually young adults.  They may be even older than teens but are masquerading as kids.  All will simply disappear into the low-end work force or the gang culture.

And if Biden is correct that only 1.5% are young, why is every California foster home being asked to house up to 26 kids at a time?  Twenty-six kids is the average classroom size in elementary school.  Our kids have been kept home, but Biden wants to plunk that many kids, together, in each home?  How can foster parents care for that many?  Food?  Beds?  Clothing?

When schools open, are communities to arrange extra classrooms in quantity to educate all these new, needy, Spanish-speaking kids?  Also, if "most" of the kids arrive here with a phone number of a parent or relative in the U.S., why do they need all those foster homes, 5,000 beds at Fort Bliss, or the Dallas Convention Center?  Biden flat-out stated that kids with parents in Latin America would be "put in a plane and flown back" home.  Has that happened?

Biden boasted that, as Obama's V.P., he helped those poor countries, reducing reasons for their children to go north.  In a Honduran neighborhood, he said, he paid directly for streetlights, after being called back from Turkey for that purpose.  He'll spend another $700 million a year to improve conditions "down there."

Meanwhile, he's spending $87 million on hotel rooms for just a few immigrant families, contradicting his claim that the "vast majority" of migrants are being sent back (only 13% are).  Notably, no one asked about the cartels, smuggling, and drugs.

By the time they moved from immigration to the filibuster, I was longing for some hope and change.  Or at least some honesty.

Image: Illegal aliens entering America.  YouTube screen grab.

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