Biden said a lot of stupid stuff at his press conference and the media fawned

Why do I or anyone trust anything the biased Washington Post writes?

 Here is a small sample of their opinions after Biden’s worthless first news conference:

At his first news conference, Biden showed his passion for democracy — starting at home -The Editorial Board

Biden excels at his first news conference-The media embarrass themselves -Jennifer Rubin

Even with a book full of cheat sheets, Joe Biden was able to say a lot of stupid stuff. 

He said we have to spend a lot of money raising streets three feet because of climate change, which supposedly is caused by oil.

Here is the babble from the transcript at the 55:17 mark:

What are we doing? And by the way, we can put as many pipe fitters and miners on us to work, capping those wells at the same price that they were charged to dig those wells. So I just find it frustrating, frustrating and talk about. Last year point I’ll make in the infrastructure and I apologize for spending more time on it, but is that if you think about it, it’s the place where we will be able to see significantly increase American productivity. At the same time, providing really good jobs for people. But we can’t build back to what they used to be. We have to build the environments are… Global warming has already done significant damage. The roads that used to be above the water level, didn’t have to worry about where the drainage dish was. Now you got to rebuild them three feet higher because it’s not going to go back to what it was before, only get worse unless we stop it.

A follow-up question might have been to ask how much sea levels have risen the last 140 years since the dawn of the use of oil.

The best guess is that sea levels have risen less than one foot the last 140 years while oil use has risen 1,781 times from around 55,000 barrels per day to 98 million barrels per day at the end of 2019. Since the Pacific Ocean is over 36,000 feet deep, one foot would equal a .000028 change in 140 years. So where is the correlation?

Does anyone believe oceans can be measured accurately within hundredths of an inch with all the variables, let alone what causes the change?

Could beaches disappear partially because of pounding waves and erosion vs. rising sea levels? 

Would we have to raise Obama’s new mansion on Martha’s Vineyard three feet or would we jack up the whole island? Why would wealthy people like the Obamas continue paying huge prices for oceanfront property if they believed what they were spewing forth? Wouldn't they buy properties higher up?

Biden also said we must spend huge amounts on airports to be competitive.

A logical follow up question would be to ask why spend massive amounts on airports when the planes can’t fly without oil? What would Biden replace all the airline and travel industry jobs with when oil is no longer used?

Maybe someone could ask Biden what rubber tires would be replaced with when crude oil is no longer used. I wonder if his crib notes had that answer.

Biden also said that highly paid oil field workers could be hired in highly paid jobs capping wells.

A good question after that statement would have been to ask: What would they do after the wells were capped?

Biden’s stupidity doesn’t fall too far from the tree. His boss, Obama said in 2015 that fish were swimming on the streets of Miami due to climate change when it was the amazing science of high tides.

Do fish really swim in Miami’s streets? Well, not exactly

"I think that as the science around climate change is more accepted, as people start realizing that even today you can put a price on the damage that climate change is doing – you know, you go down to Miami and when it's flooding at high tide on a sunny day and fish are swimming through the middle of the streets – you know, that there's a cost to that," Obama said at the Paris climate talks.

 Of course, the arrogant, narcissistic Obama said sea levels would stop rising when he became president.

After decades of indoctrination and 65 days of the Biden administration seeking to destroy industries as fast as it can, there are still no questions from the media asking for the scientific data to justify the destruction of the oil and coal industries and all industries supported by their products. Either journalists don’t care or they just believe whatever they are told. Either reason makes them virtually worthless.

Biden gave his most intelligent answer to the stupidest question: Are you running for president in 2024 and is Kamala Harris going to be your running mate? He said he hasn’t thought much about it. I believe that is true because he doesn’t seem to think much about anything he does. Why would a reporter waste a question like that at his first news conference when there are so many other things he could be asked like: What do you think of all the excess deaths at nursing homes because of New York's Gov. Andrew Cuomo and other governors’ orders? 

Biden said reporters will be able to see the facilities where kids are kept.  

The most transparent administration ever will be transparent when they are ready. Isn't that nice? Wouldn’t that be like Iran blocking nuclear inspectors from seeing facilities until they OK’d it? Or China controlling what the investigators can learn about the origin of the Wuhan virus? Isn’t it extremely authoritarian for government officials to block the media from seeing things they don’t want it to see?

Why are so many people clamoring to come to the United States if we have been a racist country for over 400 years and if we are the biggest destroyers of the planet?

God help us save our great country from power hungry politicians, bureaucrats and special interest groups who are supported by Democrat campaign workers posing as reporters.

Image: Screen shot from NBC News video, via YouTube