Biden left with egg on his face as facts of Capitol 'riot' wind through courts

Democrats have been bloviating for months now about an "insurrection" and a "threat to democracy" in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.  They've razor-wired up the Capitol and deployed tens of thousands of unsmiling National Guard troops, making the capital of the free world look more like Kinshasa, Yamoussoukro, Damascus, or Cairo.  Joe Biden called it an "existential" threat to the U.S., trying to go Sartre on us.  Democrat narrative-maker (and creative writing major) Ben Rhodes, according to MSNBC, claimed: "The Jan 6th insurrection was a 'terrorist attack on the heart of American democracy.'"

This presumably should have offered some pitched battles, explosions, blood in the streets, heads on pikes, mobs with torches, and lots and lots of guns, the way other people's insurrections do.

Nope, the miserable event was nothing but a pumped up crowd upset about election fraud, with a few bounders, and a situation that got out of control with an inadequate Capitol police guard allowing, or even inviting, them to come in to the Capitol to yell about it.

This occurred as Congress formalized the presidential vote for Joe Biden, in an election where all signs point to a lot of ballot fraud.

The rest was just protest theatre, plenty of arrests, lot of trespassing, some vandalism, lots of selfies posted conveniently for prosecutors on social media, lots of tattling, and no question as to the outcome.  There were five deaths, four of unarmed protesters, including one who was shot at close range in the neck by an unnamed Capitol police officer, and one of a police officer who was quickly cremated amid shifting stories, and a mendacious New York Times report, with inflammatory claims about the circumstances of how he died.  That's since been discredited, leaving Times staffers with egg all over their faces.

The arrests of the protesters are now winding their way through the courts.  And surprise, surprise: the prosecutors, who are probably leftists themselves, are not finding any grand plots.  All of Joe Biden's wind-blowing about the "threat to democracy" is coming to naught.  There never was a threat to democracy.  There was never a grand "insurrection."  No heads on pikes, no torches.  There were just conservatives and marginal characters-who-never-vote acting like Code Pink or Black Lives Matter.

According to Breitbart News:

Many who entered the Capitol building during January 6 protests of the 2020 election outcome are "unlikely" to face jail time — a "jarring reality check" for Americans "outraged by the storming of Capitol Hill," according to a Politico report on Tuesday.

"What about somebody who has no criminal record who got jazzed up by the president, walked in, spends 15 minutes in Statuary Hall and leaves? What happens to that person? They're not going to get a jail sentence for that," a defense attorney, who asked not to be named, told the outlet.

"There is a natural cycle to an event like this," the defense attorney added. "People will say it was the end of the world, then things will calm down, and they'll begin looking at cases back on what people actually did."

The report's sub-headline noted that the cases "could embarrass the Biden administration, which has portrayed the Jan. 6 siege as a dire threat to democracy."

The report said there have been high-profile conspiracy cases involving members of "right-wing, paramilitary groups" but the most urgent decisions for prosecutors involve resolving "scores of lower-level cases" clogging the D.C. federal district court.

Politico reported that, so far, almost a quarter of the more than 230 defendants formally and publicly charged — about 57 — face only misdemeanors, and in recent days, judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys have all indicated that they expect few to face harsh sentences.

The report said the actions of many often boiled down to "trespassing[.]"

Politico reports that for Joe Biden, this is going to get embarrassing.

The prospect of dozens of Jan. 6 rioters cutting deals for minor sentences could be hard to explain for the Biden administration, which has characterized the Capitol Hill mob as a uniquely dangerous threat. Before assuming office, Biden said the rioters' attempt to overturn the election results by force "borders on sedition"; Attorney General Merrick Garland has called the prosecutions his top early priority, describing the storming of Congress as "a heinous attack that sought to disrupt a cornerstone of our democracy, the peaceful transfer of power to a newly elected government."

Justice Department prosecutors sent expectations sky-high in early statements and court filings, describing elaborate plots to murder lawmakers — descriptions prosecutors have tempered as new details emerged.

And with "criminal justice reform" for real crimes that are misdemeanors going on, with criminals getting off with no jail time, throwing them in jail as the leftists want will just lead to jails full of political prisoners.  Kind of like Caracas does, or maybe Kinshasa.

Even the judges are getting disgusted, Politico reports:

And prosecutors are facing pressure from judges to either back up their tough talk about sedition or put a lid on it. Michael Sherwin, the former lead Jan. 6 prosecutor, found himself rebuked by other senior prosecutors and Judge Amit Mehta last week for publicly flirting with the possibility of sedition charges when none had actually been leveled.

They would like these prosecutors to either go to the bathroom or else get off the pot.  They're tired of the bloviating, just as much of the public is.

Politico also reports that leftists are going to be upset with this state of affairs, demanding long prison terms for miscreant protesters.  They'll protest to Joe Biden about it and demand radical judges.  Their aim in throwing rival protesters in prison for long sentences is to complete that Havana-style effect.  Rhodes, after all, legitimized Havana and all its horrible political prisons back in the Obama days.  The left is bringing some of that Havana here.

It's appalling, and sure, it's embarrassing for Biden, who's been calling the end of the world over it.

The evaporation of these charges is bad news for Biden, and there's a reason he's been clinging to them: Biden is in office by fraud, and for months, he's been diverting attention from that sorry matter by yelling about the January protests.  Now that the threat he's been claiming is going away with these minor protest violations, it's bad news for him, because election fraud will come back to the forefront.  Already many election integrity measures are winning in courts and in Georgia.  Without the shield of the Capitol riots, Joe has no defenses.  Eventually, the truth will come out that he's there by fraud.

Facts are stubborn things, as Rush Limbaugh used to say.  Watch them eventually take Joe down.

Image: MSNBC screen shot via shareable video.

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