Biden has a strange theory about women and men

The mere fact that someone like Joe Biden has survived for 48 years in American politics, never mind that he's now occupying the Oval Office, is a testament to the overall degradation of American politics.  But while he was once merely a dishonest dullard and a political panderer, Biden has now departed entirely from reality.  His latest lunatic pronouncement is that women are not just the equal of men; they are better than everything.

Joe Biden has been in American politics since 1973. During those years, he's

  • plagiarized speeches,
  • lied about his education and his intelligence,
  • hung out with white supremacists,
  • joined sides with the supremacists to block school integration,
  • grotesquely defamed a conservative black judge,
  • had as his signal achievement a crime bill that locked up two generations of black males,
  • got the Obama-Biden defense secretary, Robert Gates to acknowledge that Biden has "been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades,"
  • sniffed and fondled legions of little girls,
  • admitted to using taxpayer dollars to block an investigation in Ukraine that could have implicated his son,
  • used his political standing to have billions of dollars from corrupt governments, including communist China, flow into his family's pockets (assuming, as I do, that the undisputed information found on Hunter Binder's computer is correct),
  • promised far-left voters that he would open the American border — and has done so,
  • promised far-left voters that he would end American's Second Amendment rights — and is working on it now, and
  • pandered to the new leftist insistence that White supremacists across America pose an existential threat to Blacks and Asians.

And that's just the shortlist showing how Biden, over the years, started out as a dimwit, liar, and racist; then manifested incredibly poor political judgment; and finally folded into that unsavory package a willingness to pander to the hardest left ideologues populating the Democrat party in 2020.  I believe that I am second to none in my disdain for what Joe Biden, operating at full wattage, has done and said throughout his long public career.

Of late, though, Biden has added an interesting soupçon of senility to the package of unsavory, racist, sleazy, dishonest, and invariably simple-minded traits he brought to American politics.  Mostly, Biden says things that, at an objective level, make no sense.  He speaks fluent gibberish:

On Wednesday, though, Biden did something a little bit different.  His latest statement isn't gibberish because you can actually understand what he's saying.  It's simply that what he's saying is so outrageously stupid and untrue that it manages to combine many of his worst traits — dishonesty, stupidity, pandering, and senility — in two sentences:

The wonder of human biology is that men and women are complementary.  There are many things that both can do, and both should be allowed to do, but there are other areas in which their attributes are quite different, and this is beneficial to both.  Men are not inferior women, and women are not inferior men.  Their core abilities — his physical strength and aggression, coupled with intelligence; her nurturing and emotional range, also coupled with intelligence — allowed the human race to populate the world over the course of tens of thousands of years.

There is one virtue to Biden's nonsense.  It rejects the notion that men and women are the same and that it's just a matter of personal preference whether one chooses to be a man or a woman.  Women may be superior and men inferior in Joe's world, but at least they're two different subsets of the same species.  I eagerly await the transgender crowd's attack on him for speaking that biological truth.

Irving Berlin's rambunctious love song gets the last word on the subject:

Image: Biden on human biology.  Twitter screen grab.

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