Andrew Cuomo, patsy?

After sentencing thousands of elderly New Yorkers to death by seeding nursing homes with COVID-infected patients, Andrew Cuomo seems to be on the verge of losing his political future, and maybe his job, over saying unpleasant things to a few women.

He is starting to resemble toast, the plain old unbuttered white kind, not the whole-grain avocado toast that enjoyed a brief fad.

Photo credit: GeorgedadrummerCC BY-SA 3.0 license.

To anyone with a sense of proportion, this must appear odd.  Don't accuse me of minimizing the seriousness of sexual harassment! To say that it isn't as bad as killing thousands of people is not the same as trivializing it.  Few things are worse than mass killing.

How does one explain this focus on the lesser charge, when it has been known for many months (to consumers of conservative media, if not those reliant on the legacy blue media) that Cuomo has a copious amount of blood on his hands?

One explanation is that feminist groups have enormous sway in the legacy media, so their concerns trump those of the relatives of the prematurely departed.  But, the feminist groups have been slow to denounce Cuomo.

John Nolte of Breitbart has a better explanation, I think:

Why is America's corrupt media not at all interested in some 15,000 dead senior citizens while they tar and feather Cuomo over the allegations he made three left-wing women uncomfortable?

The answer is obvious[.] ...

Four other Democrat governors issued the same sociopathic nursing home order as Cuomo. Four other Democrats ordered infected coronavirus patients be admitted into nursing home facilities where 1) the most vulnerable live, and 2) they're not set up to handle an infectious virus.

What this means is that if the corrupt media were to do the right thing (like that will ever happen) and go after Cuomo over his deadly nursing home policy, it would open a Pandora's Box against these four Democrat governors and the Democrat party as a whole, which is something our fake media will never do.

Here's the rundown from my colleague Wendell Husebo:

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI) issued an order that a long-term care facility "must not prohibit admission or readmission of a resident based on COVID-19 [coronavirus] testing requirements or results." The policy was renewed three times before being rescinded in July 2020.

Gov. Gavin Newsom's (D-CA) administration ordered on April 10, 2020, that "patients hospitalized, or receiving treatment at an alternate care site, with COVID-19 can be discharged to a [skilled nursing facility] when clinically indicated."

Gov. Phil Murphy (D-NJ) approved a directive from state Health Commissioner Judith Persichilli that said no patient could be denied admission or readmission to a nursing home "solely based on a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19." ...

Gov. Tom Wolf (D-PA) enacted a mandatory admission policy in March, saying "nursing care facilities must continue to accept new admissions and receive readmissions for current residents who have been discharged from the hospital who are stable."

Mismanagement of the COVID pandemic is potentially the biggest issue in 2022 and even 2024.  We see from the experience of red states like Florida and South Dakota that lockdowns were unnecessary, certainly after the "two weeks to flatten the curve" con played out and power-mad governors destroyed businesses, closed schools, and abused the citizenry , while panicking them over a virus from which 99%+ recover, other than the very elderly and those with serious comorbidities.

Perhaps the theory is that by taking Cuomo's scalp, they can quiet other protests.  I sort of doubt it.  I am  watching California's likely recall vote on Gavin Newsom closely.