An allegory for what America is enduring under the Biden administration

C. J. Box does it again; Dark Sky is a nearly perfect analogy for what America is enduring under the Biden administration

For those of you unfamiliar with the novels of C. J. Box, now would be a good time to discover and enjoy them.  From his first book Savage Run, to the most recent, Dark Sky (#21), there is much to glean from the tales of Joe Pickett, Box’s fictional game warden hero based in Saddlestring, Wyoming.  Similar to but different from Craig Johnson’s Longmire series, also set in Wyoming, Joe Pickett is something of a cross between a sweetly naïve but ever-courageous and competent John Wayne and Ozzie Nelson of Ozzie and Harriet fame.  He’s Davy Crockett and Sam Houston.  He's a well and truly good man who always does the right thing in the most difficult of situations.  He’s a rare breed, the kind of man the social justice warriors of today mock and condemn for all the stupid reasons they invent to repudiate all the people with whom they disagree, especially those with values written in stone; values are so obsolescent. 

In Dark Sky, Joe Pickett is ordered by Wyoming’s new and corrupt governor to essentially wine and dine, Wyoming style, a Silicon Valley billionaire who calls himself Steve-2 (Steve Jobs was Steve-1).  How do you wine and dine such a man?  By doing whatever he wants and pays for, in this case an elk hunt in the Big Horn mountains.   Why has the governor prevailed upon Joe to guide this serious dilettante’s latest whim?  Because he hopes the founder of a Facebook/Twitter/Instagram type of social media conglomerate called ConFab will build his giant server farm in his state.   Joe is ordered to make certain this Zuckerberg/Dorsey type selects Wyoming or be fired. All does not go as planned because a trio of angry mountain men mean to kill the Dorsey/Zuckerberg guy for reasons the reader gradually learns.   So the book is essentially a hunt in the Big Horn mountains, in freezing weather, with and without gear, food, heat, and weapons.  Three vicious men without a shred of decency or value for human life vs. Joe and his charge, the billionaire who has paid for a back-to-nature experience about which he had not a clue what might be involved before embarking on it. 

The book is an almost perfect analogy for what Biden/Pelosi/Schumer and their partners in crimes against America are doing to this nation vs. Trump and the infuriatingly few Republican member of Congress who are willing to do the Joe Pickett thing – stand up and punch back, no matter the cost to themselves.   Like the thugs of Dark Sky, they take no responsibility for the terrible things that happen but are determined to dispense with anyone who interferes with their plan for revenge.  Sound familiar?  Look what the left has done to Donald Trump over the last five years.  The revenge they’ve wrought upon the man and his family is the purest example of evil intent in U.S. history.  Consider what the leftist self-appointed social justice warriors do to people with whom they  disagree.  That particular evil is part of Box’s story as well. 

Box is a genius at representing what is happening in the wider world, outside of the left and right coasts, by creating stories populated with the same creatures of political depravity that we are sorely afflicted with today.  These are people whose true characters are revealed by their craven lust for power and/or revenge, but Box sets them among the unforgiving mercilessness of wilderness nature.  

Joe Pickett is as one with the nature of his state and region, like most Americans who live in those fly-over states and make their livings on the land and/or revere it as the Founders did.   

Trump was and is as one with his supporters, those of us who love this country like those in red state citizens love  it.  Trump  also remains as one with the business of running this country and was unashamed to put America first.  What the left hath wrought upon this country since Donald Trump won the 2016 election has exposed the savage underbelly of the swamp that envelops us all, and perhaps the most evil entity of all, the media.  

The damage done by the Biden administration in just six weeks, by whomever is calling the shots, has been catastrophic.  The border crisis, the renewed enabling of child sex-trafficking and cartel profits, the militarization of D.C. for show, the tyranny of the scourge that is social media, the blatant censorship of conservative voices, the demonization of law enforcement, the truly fake news that characterizes most of our media, taken together is a recipe for the disaster that will be the left’s implementation of a communist tyranny.  It’s happening now.

C. J. Box has a way of subliminally reducing our national crises to man vs. nature, good vs. evil, the clearest terms under which we all live and endure.  We can submit or resist (lockdowns, mask mandates, vaccines).  We all have to choose.   At the moment, it appears that too many millions of Americans are all too willing to submit to the left/media agenda without the merest questioning about the substance, legitimacy or rightness of that agenda.  For example, is COVID a real threat or a pseudo-event?  

Read all his books but for a glimpse of what torments us all at this moment in America read Dark Sky.  It’s an allegory for our time.

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