With Trump’s tax returns, leftists have a new conspiracy theory

Last week, the Supreme Court greenlighted the Manhattan District Attorney’s fishing expedition into Donald Trump’s tax returns for the past eight years. Trump, therefore, turned over a million pages of financial to the D.A. That’s good enough for the Trump Derangement Syndrome suffers to breathe new life into their Russia conspiracy theory.

Since 2019, when Robert Mueller admitted that Trump had not colluded with the Russians, Cyrus Vance, Jr., the Manhattan District Attorney has been trying to get Trump’s tax returns. The basis for this push was the vague claim that there was “possibly extensive and protracted criminal conduct at the Trump Organization.”

Of course, this isn’t how American law is supposed to work. Traditionally, the government first knows there’s a crime and then must prove it. What Vance’s office is doing is purely Soviet: They’ve got the man and now they want his taxes to prove a crime, any crime.

Still, Vance got a grand jury to demand Trump’s tax returns. As everyone knows, a prosecutor can get a grand jury to rubber-stamp anything he wants.

The Supreme Court, which operates on a political rather than a constitutional basis of late, refused to block the Manhattan D.A.’s witch hunt. Trump rightly blasted the Supreme Court for its willingness to “let this ‘fishing expedition’ happen…” Still, he complied with the Court order. turning millions of pages of tax returns and financial records over to the D.A.’s office.

(If you’ll pardon a digression, Trump’s compliance with the law is typical. This is in stark contrast to Joe Biden who, on his first day in the Oval Office, announced that his administration would no longer enforce most of America’s immigration laws. But back to the main point….)

On Saturday, Tim O’Brien, a Bloomberg Opinion senior columnist told MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace that this time, the jig is really up for Trump. This is the big one. He’s going down! As O’Brien had written,

A dam that Trump has spent decades fortifying around his finances and tax returns has been broken. And Vance’s investigation appears to be broad enough to pose a serious criminal threat to the former president, his three eldest children and the Trump Organization.

One would expect a “Bloomberg Opinion senior columnist” to have a certain gravitas, but one would be wrong. O’Brien’s interview revealed that he’s still deep into Russian conspiracy territory. Moreover, for him, the tax returns will do what “Impeachment Part II: the Insurrectioning” failed to do; namely, make sure that Trump cannot run again for president.

O’Brien has a whole “Trump the Kapo” scenario in his mind. He admits that Vance needs to prove intent (that is, Vance has to prove that some of America’s most prestigious accounting firms chit-chatted with Trump about major business and tax fraud) but he’s certain all the evidence is there and that that Trump’s accountants will flip on him. (Actually, that’s a grim possibility. As we’ve seen with the other witch hunts against Trump, the Deep State has no hesitation about destroying people’s lives to blackmail them into telling lies or twisted truths to implicate themselves or Trump.)

In addition to dreaming of seeing Trump go down, O’Brien also salivates at the prospect of seeing the prosecutor destroy Donald Jr., Eric, and Ivanka Trump. With primitive ferocity, O’Brien, like all leftists, wants to erase the entire Trump lineage from the face of the earth.

As far as O’Brien is concerned, Vance’s investigation will be Russiagate all over again:

“The period of time he has is important because it predates Trump’s accent into the White House, and I think helps build the narrative around the money trail and Trump's motivations for his destructive and obscene dance with people like Vladimir Putin,” he said. 

I can find no evidence that Tim O’Brien was even slightly perturbed about the fact that there is first-hand evidence from Hunter Biden’s computer, that Joe Biden pimped his drug-addled, debauched son in both China and Ukraine to swell the Biden family coffers.

For O’Brien, the primary goal, of course, is to make sure Trump doesn’t run again: “The brass ring in all of this is that, if Trump has a criminal conviction, he cannot run for president again.”

Since the day Trump was elected, leftists in Congress and the media have breathlessly assured their fan base that this time Trump’s career is over and prison or, at the very least, an ignominious retreat from public life, looms. For now, I’m prepared to file O’Brien’s fevered accusations away in the same category as the leftists’ false and failed assurances that Trump had collaborated with Russians, that Trump had praised white supremacists, that Trump had collaborated with Ukrainians, and that Trump had fomented an armed coup against the American government.

IMAGE: Bloomberg’s Tim O’Brien. YouTube screengrab.

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