With Cabinet nominees, Biden pokes conservatives, scrapes the bottom of the barrel

Why does it seem as if with each and every Cabinet nominee, Biden or whoever is calling the shots is poking a thumb in the eyes of every pro-American conservative?  Because that is exactly what these people are doing.

If "personnel is policy," then the Biden administration's policy is mediocrity and leftism.  Beginning with Kamala Harris!  She was so unpopular as a presidential candidate that she dropped out before Iowa!  She was loathed in CA as A.G. for her harsh and unfair treatment of African-Americans.  Her personal behavior in CA is a matter of record.  Harris is not a particularly smart woman, nor does she conduct herself with any grace or class, yet Biden selected her as his running mate!  Already people are sick of her bobble-head laugh and general unseriousness.

It is impossible that the Democrats do not know that Merrick Garland is nearly as senile as Biden, terrified to utter a word that might tank his confirmation.  He is so willing and anxious to be the next tool of the radical left that he could not form a coherent sentence.  He pretended not to know what the word "illegal" means with regard to the border.  He eagerly expressed his approval of the destruction done by Antifa and BLM but the oh, so carefully planned pseudo-insurrection of January 6 will be a primary focus of DOJ investigation.  Oh, and he will seek out white supremacy wherever it is lurking.  Garland's performance was an embarrassment.  His lack of knowledge and expertise is on a par with every other Biden nominee.

YouTube screen grab (cropped).

Surely, they know that Neera Tanden is a vicious and thoroughly dishonest far-left activist without a shred of decency.  They know as well that Xavier Becerra has no experience in anything but racial politics.  Why on Earth would anyone think he is qualified to run HHS?  All of these nominees have been selected not because they are competent, or because they have experience in the field to which they are being assigned.  They have been chosen because each is absurd.  Each has been nominated to make clear the left's contempt for this country.  Biden's administration is purposefully appointing blundering, inferior people to important positions.

Then there is Linda Thomas-Greenfield, Biden's pick for ambassador to the U.N.  Like many of his appointees, she is a pro-China, pro–Confucious Institute tool of our most dangerous foe.  Then we have Deb Haaland, nominated to be secretary of the interior.  Here are a few of her positions.

Gen. Lloyd Austin has been confirmed as secretary of defense.  Once confirmed, he awarded a $49M contract to Raytheon, his former employer, proving that he is a member of the swamp in good standing.  There is probably no way Trump could have adequately judged the depth and breadth of the corruption that characterizes the swamp, the oligarchy that is determined to transform the U.S. into a despotic Marxist/Maoist tyranny. 

Anthony Blinken is Biden's secretary of state.  Sadly, he is no Mike Pompeo.  He will surely let China and Russia have their way with America, all in the name of promoting globalism, the -ism that, if successful, will be the end of the United States as founded.  He may well be China's actual sleeper agent since Biden is so clearly and seriously cognitively challenged.  Blinken is among those of the Biden team who, like Deb Haaland and NYT writer Tom Friedman, admire China's form of totalitarianism and want to implement it here.

Biden has chosen Gina Raimondo to be commerce secretary.  She has a failed record as governor of Rhode Island.  In fact, RI was named the worst state in the nation for business! 

Jennifer Granholm was the worst governor of Michigan until Gretchen Whitmer was elected.  Who on earth decided she should be energy secretary?  She was a disaster for her state; again, Biden has picked the biggest failure on energy to be his energy secretary.  Choosing Granholm is like appointing Hunter Biden to head up a task force on drugs and pedophilia, like picking John Kerry as climate czar, the man who travels the world in his own private jet and emits more carbon than most cities but berates the rest of us for driving to work. 

And what is there to say about Pete Buttigieg as transportation secretary?  He was a small-town mayor who pretty much ruined South Bend and is suddenly qualified to run the U.S. Transportation Department?  This may be the silliest appointment of all.  There are more (Janet Yellen, Vanita GuptaKristin Clarke), but suffice it to say there is a pattern here.  Each of the persons Biden has selected has failed up, been promoted for his skin color, sexual orientation, sex, or leftist credentials, no matter how much damage he has done in previous positions of power.  Not one has been appointed for his talent, skill or actual experience for the job he is about to hold.

The Democrats are indeed poking their thumbs in the eyes of every Trump-supporter and are scraping the bottom of the barrel to do it.  They are actively trying to destroy America, and they are doing it with the relish of a serial killer, with the abandon that defines the psychosis that is Trump Derangement Syndrome.  How much damage can they do?  This much!  And they are about to do much, much more.  Why are so few Republicans fighting back with the fury 75 million of us feel?  'Tis a mystery.

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