With a new administration, an even more malignant tone on the left

Psaki daily tries to cover up her lack of any actual policy knowledge with phrases like "I'll have to circle back to you on that," over and over and over again.  When asked an even remotely challenging question, she insults or mocks whoever asked it.  She may be the worst press secretary ever.  She seems to think she's a star on a reality TV program, tasked with coming up with the best takedown of any reporter with a legitimate policy question.  She is wholly unprofessional, as is just about every other person Biden has appointed to his Cabinet and staff.

The first weeks of this administration have been a disaster.  Psaki's tone is in keeping with the words of every other appointee.  Essentially, their attitude is, "We're in power now, the media is on our side, so you all are under our thumb." 

The left, as always throughout history, is all about power and control.  Leftists do not respect or revere the freedoms guaranteed to all Americans by our Constitution.  They loathe that document with every fiber of their being; it limits their power over us.  Any protestations to the contrary are lies.

If you do not realize by now that our left, from Woodrow Wilson to Jimmy Carter Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and now Joe Biden, is motivated by a deep disdain for our working people, our middle class, you are fooling yourself.  As we are seeing right now before our eyes, the American left has embraced a 21st-century version of Maoism.  Look no farther than Thomas Freidman, who for ten years has revealed his elitist class's high regard for China and his contempt for America.  See Lee Smith's column, "The Thirty Tyrants"; he reveals the moment our ruling class became Sinophiles.  Joe Biden will never cross China; his every move will strengthen the CCP and weaken America.

So no one can be unaware of the new tone in town.  Since Biden's inauguration, the anti-Americanism has been roaring down on us like an avalanche.  Biden has undone all of Trump's restrictions on China's interference in the business of America.  The Chinese now again have access to our power grid; their propaganda again has free rein on our university campuses.  His executive orders help China and hurt the U.S.  Is anyone surprised?  No.

All those paying attention have known for decades that Joe Biden is as corrupt as they come, the worst of the worst.  He's all about enriching his family by any means necessary.  Indeed, the Democrat party employed any and all means necessary to defeat Trump; they're even bragging about it.

No one can forget the furious rage of the left when Trump won in 2016.  The Washington Post wrote about impeachment fifteen minutes after he was inaugurated.  Removing him from the office to which he was elected became their obsession after November 8, 2016.  They had been existing in a slow burn for four years, and now that they are in the catbird seat, they are so childish that they cannot restrain their glee at being able to undo all of Trump's many successes just for spite.

They already are moving to turn the Middle East into a cauldron of simmering hate as it was under all past presidents except Trump.  Trump loved Israel, so they will sabotage Israel.  Trump made the U.S. energy independent so they will make us once again dependent on foreign oil.  Biden will most likely extend the nonsensical COVID restrictions on our essential freedoms far into the future.

Will kids ever go back to school?  The Democrat party is drunk on power, and Democrats are doing grave damage with it.  And still they are bitter and acid-tongued.  They've won, but they're still angry.  They are angry because they know there are about scores of millions of people who have got their number and are not buying their "re-education, de-programming" nonsense.

They may sense that they are walking a tightrope and could fall off at any moment.  The truth will eventually be revealed.  That's why they are behaving so badly.  It was Martin Luther King, Jr. who wrote: 

Like an unchecked cancer, hate corrodes the personality and eats away its vital unity. Hate destroys a man's sense of values and his objectivity. It causes him to describe the beautiful as ugly and the ugly as beautiful, and to confuse the true with the false and the false with the true.

The Democrats are destroying themselves from the inside out.  They fear Trump and his supporters because they know they love this country while they seek to destroy it.

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab (cropped).

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