What's so special about the Capitol?

Ever since the January 6 Capitol riot, the news media have been ceaselessly replaying the videos from that terrible day, bombarding us with the messaging that it was the worst violence we've seen in American history, worse than 9/11 and Pearl Harbor.  We are supposed to consume this footage like novices as if we haven't been totally desensitized by the nonstop pillaging of American cities in 2020.

Pardon, but why should I now be outraged by violence when it was celebrated by the same news media only a few months ago?  Isn't rioting the language of the unheard?  Why must I mourn the loss of life on Jan. 6 more than that of David Dorn or Oscar Lee Stalwart, Jr. (the man burned beyond recognition in a Minneapolis pawn shop)?  Why is the Jan. 6 riot wrong, but burning a Wendy's to the ground is a befitting form of "social justice"?

Professional ass-hat Joe Scarborough said, "I'm not going to confuse a taco stand with the United States Capitol."  Why?  Why is the Capitol Building more important than the taco stand?  Scarborough says the Capitol building is the "center of American democracy."  Given the dichotomy between Congress's policy priorities and the public's, the accuracy of that representation of democracy is debatable.  Find me the unemployed man that insists impeachment was more important than his stimulus check.

Why is the Capitol Building worthy of more grieving than the taco stand?  The affairs that take place inside the Capitol are certainly more influential in public life than the taco stand...but not in a good way.

Does the taco stand condemn our sons to death in the Middle East?  Does the taco stand bomb civilians in faraway lands?  Does the taco stand create economic policy that reduces one's ability to work in a taco stand?  Does the taco stand create regulations that make everyday items more expensive for the average civilian?  No, on all accounts.

The taco stand doesn't cause inflation, authorize drone strikes, or chastise me for using gendered language.  The taco stand doesn't incessantly scheme for ways to siphon more money out of my pocket so it can promote transgenderism in Pakistan.  The taco stand doesn't confiscate my resources to satisfy its insatiable bloodlust to extract fetuses from lower-class mothers.  The taco stand doesn't dictate where I can buy health insurance or how to teach my children math.

The taco stand sells me tacos, which is more valuable than anything Congress does.

The Capitol building is no longer some sacrosanct entity.  It is no longer the bulwark against government tyranny that it was intended to be.  The occupants of the Capitol were once supposed to protect my liberty...not sell it to the highest bidder.

The Capitol Building has been reduced to a high-class "ho" stroll, where people are bought and sold like public policy prostitutes.  It is nothing more than a public trough where the elected swine can get their feed and legislate leftovers for the rest of us.

Congress members do not treat the Capitol building with the respect and dignity it deserves...so neither will I.

You are not more deserving of sympathy than the rest of us.  Your damaged property is not more important than the incinerated Target.  You are not more important, and you for damn sure aren't more moral than the electorate you supposedly represent.  If anything, your actions are a burden on the populace, not a benefit.

You are not worthy of some excess of respect or commiseration.  In fact, for the Democrat members who were encouraging looting and arson against the plebeians such a short time ago, your karmic endangerment deserves nothing more than scorn and laughter.

For a brief moment in time, you were treated like the rest of America.  Get over it.

Sarah is an American writer living in Switzerland.  She blogs at RedStateAbroad.com.

Image: United States Capitol by Florian Pintar on Unsplash.