What if the leftists want a civil war?

Any sensible person would welcome the opportunity to reassure doubters that everything is fine.  Governments, alas, march to a different beat, asserting that a person's eyes are lying to him.

Try reporting a UFO sighting, for example.  At least Project Blue Book went through the motions of investigation.  Or consider the JFK assassination.  There was a huge investigation, the results of which didn't satisfy anyone, but the report was lengthy and showed that the government would treat people with the appearance of respect.  Conspiracy theories about "what really happened" persist to this day, but no one seems to be canceled because he believes and speaks out about the alleged suppression of the truth.

Somehow, the assertion of significant or even overwhelming election fraud is being viewed by the government as tantamount to sedition.  The response has been not to seriously audit the ballots, the machines, or the process.  Instead, it has been more of a "he said, she said" situation, with the caveat that one side is actually showing the artifacts on which it bases its opinion.  How can an opinion be seditious?  Rather than alienate half the voters, wouldn't it be more rational to go through each point and attempt to explain it away?  After all, not all data are evidence.  If the data don't support a conclusion, then they're just data.  But any theory of what happened has to account for all the data, and "shut up, liar" isn't an explanation at all.

The FBI and other agencies sit on data and evidence and do nothing.  The DOJ declines to prosecute.  The SCOTUS declines to hear cases.  There are 74 million people who at least have some questions about the election process — too many to reprogram or intimidate.  There are plenty of people in other countries who would be willing to replace them, and the Democrats love open borders.  The military is being transformed into a social engineering sandbox, and funding to keep the equipment working is being diminished.  The Democrat fondness for foreign wars will result in the military losing members due to casualties as well as to disgust at how they are treated.  Is it all part of a plan?  Or just another conspiracy theory?

A claim of election fraud is not a lie, but an opinion.  And it isn't sedition to have an inconvenient opinion, especially when the perpetrators of the deed laid out their grand conspiracy as a matter of public record in Time magazine.

We have been abused and insulted and have dealt with mobs calling for our destruction.  Democrats have done nothing to alleviate the stresses, provided no explanations, showed no respect for our being rational actors.  We obstruct their path, and if they can find a way to turn the military on us, breaking our emotional bond with them, they will do it.  Pelosi requested machine guns when the National Guard was called to D.C.  I'm sure Biden can write an E.O. to "clarify" the Posse Comitatus Act.

If leftists are confident that they would win, and if they see this as a quick path to their idea of utopia, there is nothing to stop them from continuing what they are doing and even to ramp it up.  It isn't a question of whether it will get them what they want, but of whether they think it will.  It's their opinion.  I think they're wrong, but that's also just an opinion.  And I think they want civil war as a faster way to destroy America.  They have run out of patience and see the end in sight.  Our end?  Their end?  Maybe both.

Image: Mobilus In Mobili via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0.

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