Tucker Carlson's plan to end systemic racism and income inequality in America

Sometimes, Tucker Carlson shows a real touch of genius. That was the case with his suggestion for true societal change in America.  It's time, he said, for America's elite educational institutions (the Ivy Leagues and other high-ranking colleges and universities) to stop promoting generational affluence.  They need to jettison their rich student body and, in the future, admit only disadvantaged students.

Tucker opened his proposal by noting that we're currently experiencing a non-traditional revolution in which the ruling class is attacking and destroying the working and middle classes.  Thus, while the French had "liberty, fraternity, equality," the new revolution, the one that's against ordinary Americans, is framed as "diversity, equity, inclusion."

However, after detailing the attacks the elites are leveling against working- and middle-class Americans, Tucker explains that the real failure of diversity, equity, and inclusion is to be found at America's top colleges and universities.  The data show conclusively that these are institutions in which rich people cluster.  Further, attending one of these indoctrination centers ensures generational wealth.  With an eye toward the academies, Tucker proposes a more traditional revolution, one that sees America's elites give way to those who are victims of systemic racism and economic inequality.

To achieve this end expeditiously and without bloodshed, Tucker proposes immediately requiring the top 50 colleges and universities to stop admitting their usual cohort of students from rich families and, instead, to admit only economically disadvantaged people.  These new admittees don't even have to be in America legally.  They just need to come from the bottom-most echelons, representing people who have suffered from the systemic racism that the elites see everywhere and from the economic inequality that Democrat policies promote.

And what about the children of the elites, the ones who assumed that they'd follow in Mom's and Dad's footsteps to Old Ivy or whatever other chichi college admits them?  Tucker explains the new realities of a real revolution:

In a revolutionary moment like this, you can't always get what you want – especially when you're as committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion as your average New York Times editor claims to be. In order to make omelets in this world, you've got to break some eggs.

So, here's our advice to the members of the woke professional class at the Times and elsewhere, who are about to discover that their own rules might actually apply to themselves. Here's our advice: Stop complaining when you discover that your own children's life plans have been thwarted due to some new imperative of social justice. Don't say a word. Don't whine or moan or file a lawsuit. Don't even acknowledge it's happening. Just accept it.

It's not like you can pretend you didn't know that meritocracy was fake. You single-handedly destroyed it yourselves. For years, you thought you had an exemption to the rules that you made. You imagined that challenging power applied only to other people's families. Sorry. The revolution has finally come for you.

You pictured your kids' graduation from the local Friends school and moving on to Cornell to immerse themselves in gender studies and international relations. Oh, but not anymore. It's a new era. Again, an era that you designed. Now your kids will be taking the bus to a poultry processing facility in rural Iowa to begin their new lives serving the critical culinary needs of the people they replace, the ones now going to Cornell. And maybe, if they're lucky, your kids can learn to code.

But no matter what happens to them over the next several generations, don't fret and, once again, above all, don't complain. Complaining is racist. Diversity is our strength. We're a nation of immigrants. That's the main idea of America which is — you have often told us — simply an idea, not a nation. Now, all of this might be hard for you to see right now. It's painful and we get it. Because it's happening to you, it might even seem unjust. Trust us, it's not unjust. It's the definition of justice.

To help move this concept forward, I've prepared a petition at Change.org demanding that the Ivy League institutions and other major educational establishments change their admission policies immediately.  Only in that way can the people who have most zealously promoted "diversity, equity, and inclusion," achieve their goals.

Image: Tucker Carlson.  YouTube screen grab.

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