Tucker Carlson calls out those trying to shut down his show and Fox News

The left is making its move, seeking to install a totalitarian information regime in the United States, completely reversing two and half centuries of tradition and bypassing the First Amendment by using private entities as the instruments of censorship. So far, the Republican leadership has not seen fit to make a big issue of this, and the vast majority of "journalists" (the term hardly fits anymore, as they are now propagandists or activists) are fully on board, seeking to have their progressive views go unchallenged in the public sphere.

With few voices raised in opposition, most Americans have no clue of the 1984-like future ahead for them if this effort succeeds.  And so far, it is succeeding because so few contrary views are heard.  The ACLU, which once championed free speech, even for Nazis, is useless.  Universities are part of the problem, for the most part, as they were when Weimar Germany tuned totalitarian.

Last night, Tucker Carlson called out the madness in the first segment of his show, Tucker Carlson Tonight, accurately characterizing the movement underway as the "most sweeping mass censorship campaign in the history of this country."

If you missed it, YouTube still allows you to see Tucker Carlson on its platform, for now.  He is absolutely correct when he calls Fox News "the most significant hurdle to getting everyone to sing from the same song sheet," which is why I am not letting my resentment over Election Night coverage dilute my viewing of and support for the channel.  I don't expect every ally to agree with me on everything.  The perfect should not be the enemy of the good, not in my view.

Tucker covers a couple of related topics as well, including corporate support for abortion because it frees employees from the distractions of parenthood, a point that increasingly makes sense to me.

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab.

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