Trump-supporters line streets, cheer him in impromptu Palm Beach President's Day rally

It may be beginning to dawn on Democrats that their second impeachment of President Trump is backfiring.  They, and not a few establishment Republicans, want the Trump brand to become toxic, and for his supporters to slink away in shame for backing such a man, whom they absurdly blame for murdering Officer Sicknick of the Capitol Police and sparking a "terror" attack on the Capitol.

But far from shaming his supporters, Impeachment 2 seems to have made them more enthusiastic.  Perhaps the Trump enthusiasts were inspired by spectacle of the Democrats' last-minute gambit of voting to call witnesses, and then, after Republicans told them they would call Speaker Pelosi and Mayor Bowser to account for their lack of preparation for crowds, backing down.

Whatever the reasons, crowds of people lined the street in Palm Beach and raucously cheered President Trump when his motorcade passed.  Brooke Seipel writes in The Hill:

Supporters of former President Trump were surprised Monday when his motorcade passed their rally-like gathering near his Mar-a-Lago luxury resort in Palm Beach.

The President's Day gathering of supporters was reportedly organized to celebrate the holiday as well as Trump's acquittal on Saturday in his second Senate impeachment trial.

Video showed a large crowd of supporters gathered outside along a large strip of road just a few miles from Mar-a-Lago. Many held signs, wore Trump hats and shirts and carried American flags. 

Trump was seen passing the crowd in his motorcade, giving supporters a thumbs up.

What The Hill called a "large crowd" was minimized in ABC TV's account:

The small gathering of what appeared to be a few hundred Trump supporters was live-streamed by the pro-Trump YouTube channel Right Side Broadcasting Network.

Take a look at a three brief Twitter videos and see for yourself whether this counts for a large or a small crowd:

Here is the 3+ hours of coverage of the event by the Right Side Network:

With the impeachment belly flop and New York Governor Cuomo — who was held up by the media as the antidote to Trump, a purportedly capable leader on the pandemic — now recognized as a liar and possibly a criminal, is this the beginning of a wider questioning of the image of Trump the media pushed for five years?

Time will tell.

In the meantime, does anyone think Joe Biden could draw a crowd anything like the enthusiastic people who lined up to salute him?

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