Time for that MAGA Party

It's time Donald Trump declared a MAGA party and shucked the GOP altogether.

Some think that without the GOP establishment, a third party would not survive.  That's backward; without MAGA enthusiasm, the GOP would shrink into a largely ignored mini-party of NeverTrumps talking to themselves in big words, self-consciously emulating George Will or maybe William F. Buckley's distant second cousin.

We need a MAGA Party to ensure succession after Trump himself is no longer on the scene.  The party needs to get busy openly establishing itself, breaking away, and distancing itself from the GOP and all others.  Principles?  How about the principles established in Trump policies?  Like the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, and America First, and Good Fences Make Good Neighbors, and We're the Good Guys, and Down with Communism, and Keep Your Promises.

I liked the suggestion about another Contract with America for several reasons.  First, it would state the platform in Trump's own words rather than as parroted by press liars; second, it would force the communists to rebut point by point, which would openly reveal their anti-Americanism.  Third, the communists might be bullied into coming up with their own such contract, with specifics rather than generalities.  That (or their hemming and hawing to avoid specifics) would also give away their game.

Who doubts that such a party, with Trump at its head, would sweep the tired, corrupt old GOP right out the door?  Especially since Biden has shown what "Democrat" now means: love black criminals, hate normals of any color but especially white normals, make excuses for sexual deviants and deviance, keep us in masks forever, lock us up in our homes forever, wreck the economy for good, debilitate the military with weak leaders and supremacist nonsense, give the Chinese whatever they want...

The farther that list extends, the more obvious it becomes: we can't put this off any longer.  Give us MAGA or it's bye-bye, America.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr (cropped).

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