The first 30 days of Biden's reign are as bad as we feared

We have now been through the first 30 days of this nightmarish Progressivetory (Progressive Purgatory).  This, the first month that Biden has been placed in the White House by the Progressives (Deep State/Globalists/Socialists).  Within this first month that the cabal has instituted its figurehead, we have seen our worst fears realized and our timid hopes destroyed.  Here is what we now know and have learned in just one short month of what the Progressive Dystopians have done and are planning to do against America and her people.

* Biden has despotically enacted more executive orders in his first week of office than Trump, Obama, and W. Bush combined in their first weeks.

* The Biden administration has started to count COVID cases differently.  Therefore, the number of COVID cases will be going down dramatically under the new administration.

* They have started moving flu deaths back into the flu deaths category, changing this will drop the number of COVID deaths dramatically.

* The White House doors are being opened wide for the Muslim Brotherhood while being closed to Israel and Netanyahu.  And now the Biden administration is reaching out to Israel's archenemy, Iran.

* We've been instructed that Make America Great Again is racist and xenophobic, but Blame America First is patriotic and noble.

* We see that with the thousands of troops deployed in our nation's capital for the foreseeable future, it now looks more like Baghdad or Pyongyang than the City of Washington.  And Progressives are giving no explanation for the continuing militarization of our nation's capital.

* With the militarization of Washington, D.C. and the adding of walls, borders, fences, and razor wire, Congress is now living and working in its own gated community.  None of the "unwashed masses" is allowed to enter.  Almost as if they know they really did not win in 2020.

* Florida remaining a Free State and Governor DeSantis receiving national acclaim have made for an embarrassment to the new regime.  So the federal government is actually in discussions on segregating the state of Florida from the rest of America in terms of open and unrestricted travel plans.  This is clearly to punish DeSantis.

* There was a self-imposed blackout by the left media of all things wrong with Governor Cuomo as he caused the deaths of thousands of seniors in nursing homes in New York.  We know how the leftist media would have treated it if the name was switched from Cuomo to Trump.  Not just biased journalism, but purposeful lying and falsehoods by media.

* If someone is in the country legally, he is assumed to have COVID.  If someone tries to come into the country illegally, he is assumed not to have COVID.  What?

* The shutting down of the Keystone Pipeline is already causing more unemployment and has pushed the price of gas dramatically.  The Progressives are fine with $4-per-gallon pricing.

* Because of Impeachment II, we were told that words and words alone are reason and cause enough for removal from office.  No word yet on the future impeachment and removal from office of Kamala Harris for her words during last summer's "mostly violent protests" of actual insurrection.

* When the Biden administration says unity and coming together as one, its people mean blacklists, book-burning, purging, canceling, re-education camps, and thought police.

* The climate change hoax is causing deaths, destruction, and third-world living conditions.  Just ask Texas.

* Climate change hoax czar John Kerry flies on a private jet to get an award for climate change leadership.  You just can't make this stuff up.  It really happened.

* We have learned under the new administration that China is now deciding America's foreign policy towards...China.  Taiwan's days are numbered.

* We have now learned in the first 30 days of this Progressivetory that the leadership at the Pentagon is not politically neutral, that it does take partisan sides, and that it is in fact part of the Deep State.  The idea of political generals is frightening.

* The present regime in place is violating the Second Amendment — not by confiscating weapons, but by making sure ammo is in short supply.

* The Impeachment II show trial is soon to be followed by the Insurrection Commission show trial.  And it is going to be led by an extremely partisan three-star general.  Again, this should frighten every American and constitutionalist.

* We have learned in these short 30 days that the military is being "purged" of certain political and cultural philosophies.  None of the "bring all ideas to the table" nonsense.  You will conform, or you're out.

* We have learned that in the new COVID stimulus bill, the red states' taxes will be bailing out the blue states from their self-imposed shutdowns and deliberate sabotage of their own state's economies.  This was to destroy Trump's economy for the 2020 election.

* We have learned this month that the color of skin you are born with, that and that alone, can cause you to be a racist.

* Repeat after Orwell/Fauci, "Two masks good, one mask bad...two masks good, one mask bad...two masks good, one mask bad."

This first month has proven to be as dire as we feared.  The first 30 days of this Progressivetory regime has proven that the 80 million who voted for Trump were right all along.  Elections have always mattered.  Sadly, it appears now that "selections" by the Deep State matter more.  Very sad and extremely dangerous.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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