The Biden administration is weaponizing myths and fear

Only three weeks into Biden world, and the outrages keep piling up.  George Orwell's worst dystopian nightmare might soon pale in comparison.  And for Biden, the big levers are climate change and COVID-19.

Climate change.

Fifty years ago, it was global cooling that the left was peddling.  When it became obvious that the Earth wasn't cooling, they had to transition to "global warming," and, with help from the leftist media, they have managed to warp the views of the average American. 

When the world then stopped cooperating with the warming narrative, they slipped into "climate change" as a replacement.  There is a scientific consensus, we are told.  Never mind that science doesn't operate by consensus and that climate change doesn't really mean anything.  Trust the scientists. 

Great scientists like Al Gore and AOC tell us we are in an existential crisis, even though none of their predictions has come to pass.  It has not warmed significantly in twenty years, and some researchers are warning that a cooling trend is coming.  What then?  Will we eat more meat in the hope that cow flatulence will stave off the great cooling?  Will we incentivize the purchase of SUVs and build more coal power plants?  Will we blame Donald Trump and conservatives for making the climate variable?

Climate changes occur in every century.  Larger trends exist that we can see in retrospect, but it's almost impossible to predict where the climate will go.  The world has often been a warmer place than it is today, a trend punctuated by periods of global cooling, as seems to be the case now.  Still, leftists band together to soak the American taxpayer for a problem that does not exist. 

God bless President Trump for having the wisdom and strength to confront the nonsense.  No other 2016 Republican candidate would have had the courage to remove us from the silly business in France.  The Paris Climate Accord is just another leftist attempt to siphon off American wealth.  Joe Biden wants to help.

The future matters, which is why we push back against this drivel.  We willingly protect the environment when it is not punitive to the American people.  We believe in using new technologies when they are ready to be deployed, are economically viable, and are not being used as political tools.

The left creates and uses endless crises to roll back our constitutional rights, control large segments of the population, and advance its communist agenda.  Leftists' goals are extremely destructive to the environment as anyone who has traveled in a communist country would know.


What we know about COVID is that leftists have used it as they use anything they call a crisis: they manipulate the public into believing falsehoods that drive forward their political agenda.

The Constitution does not provide for its suspension during national emergencies.  It's not even clear that COVID-19 is an emergency.  As with climate change, numbers are being fudged.  It appears as if the death rate has been greatly exaggerated, as have the number of deaths.

When you offer hospitals money for COVID deaths, you're going to get more COVID deaths.  Simple economics.  When more people are tested and found to have survived, the death rate goes down.  We are now bordering on death rates comparable to the common flu for people under 60. 

Shutting down the economy was unconstitutional and unnecessary, but it helped destroy the Trump presidency.  That's been the Democrats' goal since before he took office.  While we now know that the disease progresses regardless of how we might punish ourselves (e.g., California), the left did achieve its goal, for President Trump is gone. 

The left has used the pandemic to punish Americans in ways it never could before, and now leftists are telling us that this is the new normal.  Our Constitution precludes almost everything they have done.  In America, you can't be forced to shut down your business, stay in your house, or wear a mask.  Government can ask us to do these things, and if they make their case, most Americans will cooperate.  They haven't made their case, and they are not asking.  

I'm reluctant to be cavalier when it comes to COVID because I don't want my epitaph to read, "See.  This guy had it coming."  Still, if we want to live in and keep a free society, we must take our lumps.  America might have to accept a higher number of deaths because there is more freedom.  I don't have a death wish, but I do want to restore and preserve the freedoms I grew up with.  Those freedoms are under assault and have already disappeared in many ways.

It appears as if, more than anything else, we are suffering from the viral spread of leftism.  The way this pandemic has been used politically might drive a reasonable person to believe that it was all part of some sinister plot.  But that would just be paranoid.

Liberato Jones is a pseudonym.

Image: Biden signs one of his climate change executive orders.  YouTube screen grab.

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