Soros-backed DA George Gascon refusing to oppose parole for Manson Family killer

When George Gascon was elected district attorney for Los Angeles County with the backing of Soros money, many of us feared the worst.  But we never expected that he would have his office break with four decades of precedent and allow the very darkest of evildoers to be unleashed from captivity and foisted upon the innocent public.

The Manson family are the very symbol of depraved, malign evil.  Failing to oppose releasing a Manson member is tantamount to symbolically embracing evil and letting it loose on the public.

George Gascon (photo credit: Shawn Calhoun CC BY-1.0 license).

NBC News reports:

Whenever the notorious killer Charles Manson or one of his convicted followers would come up for parole over the last 40 years, a Los Angeles County prosecutor joined victims' family members at a California state prison to argue against the release.

But when Kay Martley joined a California Board of Parole Hearings video conference to consider parole for convicted Manson "family" killer Bruce Davis earlier this month, she was stunned to learn she would be making the case on behalf of her murdered relative alone.

"I had no one to speak for me," said Martley, 81, whose cousin Gary Hinman was tortured and killed by Manson followers on July 27, 1969. "I felt like no one cares about the victim's families anymore. We are totally forgotten."

The absence of a prosecutor was no oversight. It was the result of a policy shift ordered by newly elected Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón, who campaigned on promises to reduce the number of people in prison.

The new mandate puts a halt on Los Angeles County prosecutors opposing parole for inmates sentenced to life who have already served their mandatory minimum period of incarceration.

I cannot begin to grasp the pain that this move inflicts on the friends and relatives of all the victims of the Manson Family.  Evil like that must be opposed always, everywhere, every time.  Maybe this will wake up Los Angeles County voters to what they have installed as a guardian: someone who is fine with freedom for the worst among us.

But of course, the Manson killings are now decades in the past, and maybe few people remember what looking into the face of evil feels like.

Hat tip: Legal Insurrection.

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