Schadenfreude overload as Andrea Mitchell attempts to correct Ted Cruz and reveals her ignorance

It is a foundational tenet of Trump-hatred that the 45th president and all who support him are stupid.  With the Senate impeachment trial underway, anyone criticizing it must be an idiot, because everyone knows that Trump is evil incarnate, possibly even worse than Hitler.

That may explain why Andrea Mitchell of NBC News thought she could shame Ted Cruz as an ignoramus for criticizing the Senate impeachment trial yesterday.

Six minutes later, Jennifer Rubin, a former conservative who may epitomize Trump Derangement Syndrome, eagerly jumped on board the bandwagon, apparently believeing that Cruz's "false attribution" revealed that he lacked a soul.

The problem is that Cruz was absolutely correct.  William Faulkner borrowed the title of his book Sound and Fury from Macbeth, Act V: "It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."

Even I recognized the source, and I was not an English Lit major, unlike Andrea Mitchell, who graduated from the Ivy League University of Pennsylvania in 1967 with that as her field of concentration.  As Ace pointed out, this has got to be among the five most famous quotes from all of Shakespeare.

Twitter exploded in mockery within minutes.  Twitchy has a good selection, including:

Mitchell became aware of her mistake and tweeted out an apology that flattered herself:

And got called out on it:

Meanwhile, Jennifer Rubin, who apparently defined herself as having no soul because she doesn't know what Any Thinking Man does, has issued no mea culpa that I have been able to find.  Sean Davis of The Federalist called her out:

But Ted Cruz gets the last word here:

As Clarice Feldman quipped, she might screw up less "if she ate something once in a while."

YouTube screen grab (cropped).

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