RINOs, the scourge of the Republican Party

How clueless are the swamp RINOs?  Very, very clueless.  So confident that they can dismiss President Trump like last week's news, a select few of them are hilariously destroying their own brands — as if the 75M+ people who voted for Trump are just going to forget Trump, the best president they've had in decades, and go their establishment way.  This scenario could be a sitcom; that is how comical people like Liz Cheney, Mitch McConnell, Nikki Haley, Adam Kinzinger, Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Pat Toomey, and Mike Pence are at this sad moment in time.  They all thought, perhaps still think, that by denigrating President Trump, they will win over those 75M people.  They thought that by blaming him for what happened at the Capitol on January 6, they would be rid of the man who so threatened their cushy, establishment lives. 

How can these lifelong pols be so deluded?  Because they live in a bubble of their own making.  They presume without thinking that they are smarter than "we the people."  Proceeding from that fixed belief, they have no doubt that they can mesmerize us to forget Trump and all the good he did, the promises he kept, the economy he built, the jobs he created, the energy independence he made possible, the control of the southern border he commenced, the wars he did not start, the rebuilding of the military after Obama, the sex-trafficking he interdicted, and much more.  The man was and is the best kind of warrior for America.

No wonder the left has hated and feared him with the "white hot intensity of a thousand suns" (h/t Cheers).  Donald Trump was and is their worst nightmare; he actually does care about "we the people."  That, for the leftists, is a deal-breaker; the "people" are nothing more than units of labor to the left.  They should not have a voice or a vote.  For all their touting of their concern for "the people," they have exactly none. 

The RINOs share this contempt for the American people with the Democrats.  How dare those people of "their" party support Trump?  How dare they believe that the election was unfair?  Their concerns must be censored; there can be no talk of election fraud, none.  It's the "big lie."  The left should be more careful about from whom they steal their slogans.  That one was Hitler's.  These people, the Democrats and their handmaidens in the media, actually think we can and should all be reprogrammed, re-educated.  A few of them have suggested that Trump-supporters be subjected to "struggle sessions," a form of public humiliation and torture favored by Mao.  Orwell wrote his novel, 1984, published in 1949, to demonstrate the horrific excesses of Lenin's, then Stalin's murderous totalitarian regimes.  Mao's genocide was already underway — 65M killed.

And now we have as president a man who is not only indebted to, but is a tool of one of Mao's successors.  And our left is littered with Sinophiles like Tom Freidman (NYT) and nearly every one of Biden's Cabinet appointees who support his submission to China.  While these pro-China, anti-American Americans advocate for China's increased power over the U.S. and the world because they favor globalism, a one-world government, those of us who revere the American Constitution and the freedoms it guarantees for all citizens and our sovereign independence are not buying it; globalism is not for us.  Biden's "America Last" is a recipe for civil and international disaster.

America is a miracle of its own making and cannot, will not ever succumb to the whims of those who seek our submission to a global government.  But the Marxist Democrats are sure to make what is ahead a very nasty fight.  They are committed to transforming America into a Maoist form of totalitarianism.  All Republicans must stand up and fight what this new administration is doing, transforming this Republic as fast as they can.

We are experiencing tyranny by executive order, and most of the Republicans are sitting still for it when they should, as a group, be on the steps of the Capitol every day warning the American people about what is happening.  Our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms are being stripped away so fast that we should all be protesting at the armed camp that is now masquerading as the seat of our government while the southern border is suddenly and catastrophically open to tens of thousands of migrants seeking to live in what the left is teaching is the most racist nation on the planet.  Those migrants must know that that is a big lie, but they will happily be taking the jobs that our own citizens had under Trump until the lockdowns put an end to them.

The RINOs need to go.  We all know who they are.  We also know who the good guys are: Gaetz, Jordan, Johnson, Cruz, Stefanik, Hawley, Cotton, and others.  Sadly, they are too few in number, but they almost make up for their minority with their passion and commitment to the preservation of America as founded.  The RINOs are traitors to conservative principles.  They need to be exposed for who they are, and they need to be voted out of office if we are to save this nation.

Photo credit: Piqsels public domain photo.

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