Profiles in cowardice

We are living in interesting times, at the edge of history.  The grand American experiment is again being tested, stressed, and wracked by the eternal human companions of greed, selfishness, and the quest for power. 

The revolutionary break from the British Empire, the very uncivil war between the states, our belated action to join the Allies in World War 1, our role as Arsenal of Democracy and successor to the British hegemon in World War 2, our global twilight struggle with the Soviet Union and communism, the battle to harden our civilization against Islamic extremism, and now our global mercantile war with China — through all of these and other assaults by history, our nation has adapted and stretched, heaved and quaked, like a great old three-masted schooner rounding the Horn.  Sails down, sails up, threats of mutiny and dismemberment.  We've been girded about and protected by the blessed talisman of our Constitution, an amazing fellowship of patriots, and little more.

Now, once again, our ship of state is struggling for survival.  Angry mutineers have pulled down our proud colors and been allowed to run amok, trashing and burning everything of value and threatening to run us aground or to scuttle the ship if we don't throw the captain overboard and give them the wheel to set a new and alien course. 

We are in dire straits because we have allowed the ongoing degradation of major components of our civilization for three generations.  Education, entertainment, commerce, and law have been adulterated and then taken over by enemy ideologies of subversion and self-loathing.  What began as a tiny minority trickle of destructive contempt has been allowed to overwhelm our classrooms and campuses to the point where contrary voices are militantly excluded or physically attacked and driven from almost all educational venues.

We are now, seemingly, at a "point of no return."  If we don't turn our vessel around now, we may never return home to our safe harbor of constitutional liberty and individual freedom.  It's shocking, but societal changes happen like this: a little at a time, and then all at once. 

The election of Donald Trump in 2016 was a shock to America's internal and external enemies.  He broke the slide from dominance to oblivion on the world scene, stopped the engineered decay of America as the global light of freedom from being replaced by Communist China's machinery of hi-tech servitude.  Trump was amazing, reawakening the American spirit and gathering enthusiastic support from an awesome cross-section of the public.

Trump had to be stopped, by hook or by crook.  Five years of lies and attacks by treacherous organs of our own government, aided and abetted by more than 90% of our national press, failed.  Trump just grew stronger and developed ever wider support from a public starved for an awakening of pride and the amazing "can do" spirit of our nation.  Trump didn't lie, he kept his promises, and he delivered amazing results for all of our people. 

America's red fascists panicked.  They joined forces with some of our biggest businesses, who were thoroughly entangled with China and with Europe's failing leftist economies to create a classic red fascist marriage of convenience.  Time magazine lays it out in a gloat, which Breitbart sums up:

Time magazine has published a detailed account of what it describes as a "conspiracy" between "left-wing activists and business titans" to create "an extraordinary shadow effort" to "protect" the 2020 presidential election[.]

For "protect," I would substitute "steal" for this effort to bring down President Trump by any means necessary.  For them, "fortifying the election" meant spending untold dollars (Facebook's Zuckerberg alone spent at least $300 million and also allowed online resources for partisan messaging).  This red fascist "cabal" (their word) would not allow Biden to lose.

Our proud Republic can survive many wounds, but not the rigging of elections and the stealing of our highest offices by domestic treachery and foreign manipulation.  The theft of this election is suspected by perhaps 50% of the American electorate and likely by a majority of our elected officials in Washington, D.C.  It is unbelievable that, despite the idiot clamor from our mostly dishonorable press establishment for the anointing of Joe Biden, there have not been a host of patriotic American leaders and officials, Democrat and Republican, to call a halt to the bum's rush to install a new and quite possibly illegitimate government.

If we have truly devolved from JFK's governance by "Profiles in Courage" to an era of "Profiles in Cowardice," then we may indeed be doomed.  We will soon have another opportunity for intelligence and courage in our governance when the Supreme Court hears the several suits on election integrity that have made their way before it.  Where are the patriotic Democrats who know that their continued silence will be a death knell for our Republic and a betrayal of the multitudes who shed their blood and gave their lives that we might be free?  This is not a time for party over country.  In the end, you will lose both.

Tricia Henry is the pen name of an old political hand who has engaged in the political wars at many levels on both coasts.

Caricature by Donkey Hotey CC BY-2.0 license.

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