Press focuses on Ted Cruz, ignores the building crisis at the border

The media are intent on reporting on Ted Cruz's one-day trip to Cancun, because they want to divert attention from Joe Biden's intentional destruction of America.

It is the same reason they lied that Biden was a "moderate" during the election and why they buried the stories of all the Biden family corruption while they were effectively campaigning and de facto contributing to Biden.  The truth would have destroyed Biden.  The media manipulated and colluded in the election more than Russia or even China has ever done.

Biden is violating his oath of office to uphold immigration laws while flooding Texas and other states with illegals, including many violent criminals, yet Cruz should resign because he left the U.S. for a day?

The drug-runners, human-smugglers, sex-traffickers, and gang members are ecstatic that we have opened our borders.

Here's another unasked question from the press: why do people of so many races fight to get into the U.S. since it has supposedly been systemically racist for four hundred years?

The media also didn't care how many people died from drug overdoses and terrorism when the borders were open and President Obama dictatorially ordered the "independent" Justice Department to stop a multi-year investigation into a billion-dollar-a-year drug-running operation by terrorists to appease the tyrants in Iran.

Now Biden's opening the border, with predictable results.

ICE Records Reveal Disturbing Impact of Biden Enforcement Freeze

The effect of the order has been immediate. ICE had been planning a nationwide operation in partnership with the U.S. Marshals targeting at-large sex offenders, but it was scuttled by the new directive. According to one of my ICE sources, most of the targets do not clearly meet the new standards, especially in California, where sex offenders routinely get to plead down to far lesser charges, especially if it helps them avoid deportation, and where certain sex crimes, such as sex with a minor, are not classified as felonies as they are in other states. Another ICE officer told me that they had more than two dozen deportable sex offender targets at large in his area who now will be free to re-offend.

But the press is totally focused on Ted Cruz, and whether he drank a margarita abroad, instead of true scandals like this.

Image:, CC0 public domain.

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