Our Democrat-run institutions are in a big hurry to vaccinate the young

Last night, on the 11 P.M. report, the newsreader mindlessly said, "The objective is to get the vaccine to every Californian over the age of 16 by the end of the year."  My brain froze at this news.  This is an experimental vaccine, with no studies on long-term effects.  While deemed safe, how do they know?  They can't!  Why on Earth would you give it to the young?

I am old enough to remember Thalidomide babies, born after doctors gave the "safe" drug, which prevented early-term nausea during pregnancy, to pregnant women, mostly in Germany.  What followed was a plethora of children born missing limbs.  This was in the late 1950s and early '60s.  You can see plenty of graphic pictures of these children online, along with plenty of information — all of it after the fact.  Although there were warnings that the drug, which was also used for other conditions, was powerful and potentially toxic, no one anticipated the actual horrific effects.

Why on Earth, when almost all kids, teens, and young adults infected with the virus recover as if they had a cold, would anyone think it's safe to vaccinate them en masse?

Perhaps the reports that are circulating that the vaccine can cause infertility or mid-pregnancy placental abruption leading to mortality of the fetus are just alarmist screed, as some outlets claim.  Perhaps the vaccine is the safest thing ever, and no harm will be done.

But what if that isn't true?  What if other reports, that there is a high potential for complications from other viruses in the future, especially to those who have received both flu and COVID vaccine, are true?  What happens if we find out in a year, two years, that there have been serious side-effects we never imagined?  We simply haven't a clue about what we're giving our children.  It's unnecessary, and we simply shouldn't do it.

While I'm talking about kids, one more thing: masking children is the height of stupidity.  It is cruel.  It is unnecessary.  It is leading to massive psychological problems in the masked kids.

Consider a child who is fearful of others, shy, and easily bullied.  I can say I was one of them, years ago.  It's not easy to get through school when you're that sensitive, even when you can see the faces of the kids around you.

When a sensitive, shy child is confronted by other children, all of whom are wearing masks, that shy child lacks all visual cues.  His imagination runs rampant.  Everyone is out to get him, or so he may think.  The simplest verbal exchange can be misinterpreted, without knowing if it's said with a smile or a sneer.

Our society has turned away from common sense in how we deal with COVID.  It's time to wake up, think through our decisions, and re-evaluate them.  We need to tell the Faucis of the world to take a hike and become, once again, self-reliant.

Image: Teenager after an injection by the CDC on Unsplash.