One way to keep the crime and homeless out: Hunter Biden's wealthy neighbors praise his Secret Service presence

For the neighbors in Venice Beach, California, Hunter Biden has his uses.

The president's son, famous for his skeezy business dealings, multiple hookups, dissolute personal history, and new a career as an "artist" and "author," now has the Secret Service following him around.

According to the Daily Mail, which did the full papparazzi photo spread here:

Hunter has some fresh cash to help pay for the pricey rental. On Thursday it was revealed he has written a memoir titled Beautiful Things, that will be published April 6. The advance for the book is said to be as much as $2million.   

Before his father took office, Hunter and his family had been keeping a low profile during the pandemic and had been cooped up in their former home, a rented luxury $3.8million three-bed pad perched on the Hollywood Hills.

It's understood Hunter was paying $12,000 a month for the mid-century modern 2,000 sq ft house with stunning views and a swimming pool. But it's likely he and his wife wanted more space to raise their son Beau and sought out something bigger.

The Hollywood Hills house was also located in a secluded community tucked away in a private lower hillside area.

The outgoing pair may have wanted to be closer to the action and the Venice pad, which is just a block from the beach and a short walk to trendy Abbot Kinney Blvd which is bustling with shops and cafes, fits the bill.

Which is kind of a goofy analysis because 'space' isn't what Venice, population 28,000, is famous for.

It's a rich (income per capita $94,000) tightly packed neighborhood, where parking, if you know the place, is pretty well non-existent. I don't even know how the Secret Service could follow anyone around in a place like that, they sure as heck would block alleys in their big black cars. They also would have a hell of a time surveilling Hunter's new palace owing to all the other buildings in the vicinity, and no matter how they did it, there's no way they couldn't be conspicuous.

It's a cute hipster area, though, full of Los Angeles's rich and freewheeling artsy hippies and many Hollywood types. I used to go see performance art and street art shows there, visit cutting-edge restaurants, and buy textiles or beads there, which kind of gives you the idea. It's sort of an Encinitas for people who like density. Here's a Pixabay picture of a residential street:

As you may expect, the place is lefty, with about 90% all the precincts in Venice zip code 90291 in 2020 voting for old Joe. Which is where this story gets interesting.

Hunter Biden's neighbors are happy to see him there, not because of his politics, which is a nothingburger over there, but because of his security.

They like him there because of the quasi police he has tagging around with him as he makes his rounds.

Here's the buried lede from the Daily Mail, taken from pure street reporting. Here are what three of the locals are saying, emphasis mine:

Ricky Otterstrom, senior vice president of Ryker Flint, a commercial real estate brokerage, has lived in Venice Beach for 15 years, tells 'I see Hunter Biden's secret service parked out front of his house every morning when I walk to the beach to surf. 

'They are there 24/7 which is a plus for us here on the Venice Canals. We need the extra security considering the amount of crime we have. Interestingly the homeless people who were living up along the street he now lives on are gone

'It could be a coincidence or the city had them removed because of Hunter. I think his presence will help clean up the area and I hope he gets involved with the community. It's a tight community with great people.' 


Long-time Venice Beach resident Mark tells, 'Having him as a neighbor can only be a good thing and hopefully he will get involved with this homeless crisis that needs to be addressed. The extra security around here is a big bonus.'


Darin Grant who lives a few houses away from Hunter tells, 'l welcome him and his family. Having secret service in the area will keep us all safer. I appreciate anyone who is open about their story of recovery.

The unspoken story here is that like nearby Santa Monica, the crime is out of control. The enclave coddles homessless as a lifestyle, and the homeless industrial complex has grown powerful. That's drawn very large amounts of homelessness and with it, property crime. And now that these Democrats have elected George Gascon as district attorney, a Soros-financed far-leftist whose agenda is to let them all out; refusing to prosecute quality of life crimes, or for that matter, almost any crimes, somehow, despite their voting patterns, they're happy to see some cops.

Nice privilege if you can get it. The place as it happens is 66% white, and now with Secret Service protection, they're basically saying let the poorer neighborhoods, the ones Hunter won't live in, deal with criminals and bums now roaming free in the zero-prosecution set-up. They've got federal Secret Service, now. They've got theirs.

Because the hard fact is, everyone can live a crime-free lifestyle. There's no reason a place like Venice, or any enclave within Los Angeles County, should have to put up with assaults, robberies, property crimes and pandhandling. The way it's done is not by having Hunter and his Secret Service move in, but by electing decent, rule-of-law, prosecutors, and fully funding the police. Rule of law has its benefits, for everyone, not just the privileged few. Yet that's not the leftist orthodoxy and in Venice, and the rest of them, they don't elect those kinds of people. 

In Venice, it's pretty obvious that the locals like living crime-free, which is actually perfectly natural. Yet it's puzzling as heck to see that they make no connection to the crime that's there and the result of their own voting choices. 

For them, there are no consequences at all now, because they've got a federal bailout, known as the Secret Service. Too bad about the others stuck with increasing crime. Life with dissolute Hunter, has its privileges.

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay / both Pixabay License

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