Nikki Haley shouldn't have gone there

Given relatively equal credentials, in non-partisan elections, I tend to vote for a female candidate.  I do the same in primaries.  We women are still catching up.  Many years ago, I was so looking forward to voting for Liddy Dole for president.  However, she dropped out of the race, stating, "The bottom line remains money."

That certainly hasn't changed.  That said, I will not be donating to Nikki Haley's Stand for America PAC, nor to any political campaign she launches.  Voting for her in a primary is certainly off the table.  Two weeks ago, I would have said and done things very differently.  In fact, I had urged friends to take a serious look at her and her PAC.

Our constitutionally acknowledged freedom of speech is the foundation of our expression of our sacred, inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  No matter what, as Americans, we can say what we like.  Whether it's good news or not, the truth or not, nice or not, toes the narrative line of one group or another or not, free speech is just that: free.  But speech does not stand alone; one of its virtues is that it reveals the character of the speaker.

The same is true for the venue, timing, and audience of the speech.  Nikki Haley sat down for an interview with Tim Alberta, the chief political correspondent at Politico.

During the interview, Haley does a fine job trashing former President Trump.  Really?  Pandering much?

Then...surprise!  Surprise!  Surprise!  Despite her trying to align herself with Politico's ideological views by attacking Trump, through his article, Alberta trashes Nikki, the potential presidential candidate.  The article is filled with the likes of "Everything Haley says is being scrutinized by those who have come to question her authenticity" and "If she so badly misread Trump..."

Really, it's high time for Republicans to address clearly, cleanly, and consistently the dangers to our culture inherent in progressive policies, the stunning hypocrisy of Democrat party politicians, and the proof that adhering to conservative principles, in spite of an unforeseeable global pandemic, is what's best for America.

So many people I know will compare their discomfort with some of the things President Trump did and said with their absolute delight with his myriad accomplishments in the White House.  They may not like the guy's personality, but they love him for what he did as president.

So say what you will about Donald Trump — after all, everyone else does — but Nikki, Mitch, and all those other Republicans attacking Trump now had better remember that choices have consequences.

Anony Mee is a retired public servant.

Image: Nikki Haley.  YouTube screen grab.