News flash! We are no longer living in a free country

As Rick Fuentes wrote on these pages last Sunday, "[o]n November 3, we went to bed in America.  On November 4, we woke up in Venezuela."  Indeed, we did.

The seventy-five million people who voted for Trump are still in shock because the massive fraud that took place was evident by late the next day.  Vote-counting stopped in several states at 10:30 when Trump was leading by thousands of votes.  By morning, there had been an infusion of votes for Biden in numbers that are statistically impossible.  So we all know that the election was neither free nor fair.

The Democrats know this as well as everyone else, which is why they are acting so guilty.  The left plotted and planned for four years to make certain Trump would not be re-elected.  Now they are bragging about the success of their conspiracy!  But no matter how much the left media hysterically deny it, Biden did not win the 2020 election.  It was stolen for him.  Now we are witnessing the catastrophic damage the new administration has done in just three weeks, having implemented many of the destructive policies they've long craved to put in place.

President Trump had achieved American energy independence over his four years in office.  Biden has, with a careless E.O., made us dependent on foreign oil again.  With a few strokes of his pen, Biden put tens of thousands of people out of work by shutting down the Keystone pipeline and banning all drilling on federal lands.  Out of work too will be the countless small businesses and trucking companies that served those communities.

He also shut down any further construction of the border wall — thousands more rendered unemployed.  As he's opened the southern border to all comers, millions of refugees are headed here; they've been invited by Joe Biden.

At the same time, Biden and the Democrat leaders of Congress have turned the U.S. Capitol into an armed camp for no reason but to suggest he is in danger from Trump-supporters.  He knows damn well he is not.  The January 6 breach was a planned event having nothing to do with the president.  The FBI and the Capitol Police know this but are keeping mum.  They and the Intel Community know well that President Trump had nothing to do with the planning or execution of what happened that day. 

The migrants now flooding the border are not being tested for COVID.  Biden has banned deportations of criminal illegals and is releasing thousands of them into our communities.  With unemployment high due to the politically motivated and medically useless lockdowns, wouldn't now be a good time to tighten border security and restrict the flow of cheap labor, especially if COVID-positive?

Biden seems intent upon destroying much more than our economy beyond the unnecessary devastation done by the pandemic.  Crime against citizens will surely rise.  More American parents will become Angel Moms and Dads, their children lost to the murderous MS13 and their ilk, who will now freely roam our streets with impunity.  His administration has made clear that it intends to administer this country as authoritarians, totalitarians.  They've embraced an updated communist model with glee.

The new administration has also effectively put an end to women's sports by ordering that men be allowed to compete in any and all girls' and women's sports.  He has declared as well that people can use the restrooms of their choice beginning in kindergarten.  He re-instated the mandatory indoctrination of Critical Race Theory that Trump had banned in federal agencies because it is inherently racist.  The goal of CRT is to punish and demean Caucasians for the color of their skin and the "crimes" of their ancestors.  This move is as far from creating unity as it can possibly be.

But perhaps the worst consequence of all is the left's wholesale attempt to abrogate the First Amendment, which has for 245 years guaranteed the freedoms of speech, assembly, and religion.  Under the Biden administration, mass censorship of any and all unacceptable opinions is encouraged.  Thus, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and their like-minded comrades have instituted a rigorous standard for what is allowed on their social media platforms.  That would be any suggestion that the election was fraudulent, and that the Biden family is hopelessly corrupt and wholly owned by the CCP.  All Americans should have been aware of this, but all that information was censored before the election.  Now we are all about to discover just how indebted to China Joe Biden is; he just let the Chinese have access to our electrical grid, which Trump had banned. 

The D.C. establishment is powerful and requires a certain level of fear among its swamp inhabitants; operate within the rules or be destroyed.  Well, Trump did not operate within their long established, carefully constructed rules of conduct among the uniparty enterprise.  That is what the D.C. establishment is: a business enterprise with rules but without scruples.  The media either toe the uniparty line or are deemed illegitimate, as Fox News has been for a couple of decades now along with every remotely conservative news outlet, website, or blog.  Now they are being de-platformed, censored, or shut down like Parler.  There is no more free speech in America.  Young people have for so long been indoctrinated with the notion that anything they don't want to hear is "hate speech"; they seem not to know what they've lost.

It is the young and the left who have so easily succumbed to the restrictions on all their freedoms due to COVID.  The independent reverence for individual freedoms seems to have been bred out of them; it is so carefully taught that they see themselves as a unit within a collective based on their race, class, sex, or victim status.  This is all by design.

Among our ruling elite, though, imperious authoritarianism is in their blood.  They never let a crisis, real or imagined, go to waste when ramping up their hold over the population of proles for whom they feel only contempt.  COVID, real or exaggerated, was just such an opportunity that the left leapt upon for the crisis it needed to use and abuse.

Bottom line?  American is no longer a free country.  Our elections are not free and fair.  Our formerly most trusted law enforcement agencies have been proven corrupt.  And with this new administration's overt authoritarianism made so evident in just three weeks, we should all make plans to survive what is to come.  It will not be pretty, nor will it be constitutional.  It will be tyrannous.  It is coming.

"The opposite of courage is not cowardice, it is conformity. Even a dead fish can go with the flow." — Jim Hightower

Photo credit: Pattern Pictures  CCO 1.0.

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