Merrick Garland! Neera Tanden! Xavier Becerra! The Dems are really overplaying their hand

Merrick Garland, the man Obama wanted to put on the SCOTUS, is now President Biden's choice to be his attorney general.  Based on what we heard Monday, we can breathe a sigh of relief that he never made it onto the Supreme Court.

But then again, those whom Trump did get confirmed for the court have thoroughly abdicated their responsibility, betrayed the oath they took as justices.  With the exception of Justices Thomas, Alito, and Gorsuch, it appears there are no other actual constitutionalists seated there.

YouTube screen grab (cropped).

But back to Garland.  He evaded answering most questions posed by Republicans.  He compared the January 6 events at the Capitol to the Oklahoma City bombing (168 killed)!  He refused to condemn the billions of dollars in damage done by Antifa and BLM as domestic terrorism but vowed to prosecute all who were involved in the January 6 breach, even though the only person with a gun was the person who shot and killed Ashli Babbitt.  It should be clear to every sentient American that what happened that day was carefully planned, not by Trump-supporters, but by their opponents, who strategized that a conflagration would be the perfect stunt with which to impugn the president.

Garland's evasive non-answers were truly shocking.  Why didn't the Republicans in the room get up and walk out?  Why do the Republicans always cave in collective knee-jerk fashion to the authoritarian pretenses of the left?  It is a question for the ages, for it has so long been true.  Trump's brash courage to fight back showed us who the good guys are and who the cowards are.  Sadly, those with the courage of their conservative pro-American convictions are too few.

Unlike the power-mad Democrats, who stick together like glue no matter how immoral the issue (like abortion up to and just after birth), the Republicans vacillate; they always vacillate.

So the question is, will they stand up and vote against Garland, the man who gives Antifa and BLM a pass for their domestic terrorism but not the actually mostly peaceful protestors of January 6?  Will they vote against the truly odious Neera Tanden and Xavier Becerra, both of whom are completely unqualified for the positions to which they've been nominated.  And aside from being unqualified, both are well known far-left radicals.  Neither of them, nor Garland, is remotely representative of America.  Not even close.

They each embrace the transformation of America from a democratic republic to globalist/communist regime reminiscent of Stalin and Mao.  Democrats like AOC speak of "re-education," "re-programming," and "struggle sessions" to punish and control Trump-supporters.  She's not alone; the media is right there with her.  The media are well and truly the enemy of the American people.  They know they control how millions of Americans think about any issue and they relish that power; they wallow in it with pride.

The Democrats always overplay their hand, but the Republicans always cave to their united front.  If any Republican votes to confirm Garland, Becerra, or Tanden, we will know who never to trust again.  We've already learned who betrayed Trump and his supporters: McConnell, Romney, Collins, Murkowski, Cassidy, Toomey, Burr, and Sasse.  We will soon learn whom else we cannot trust to support the founding principles that all Trump-supporters revere.  Sure, McConnell voted to acquit and then defamed him on the floor of the Senate; he wanted to have it both ways, but he revealed himself to be the scoundrel most of us have known he was for years.  Like Schumer, he thinks he's the boss.  Like the rest of the hardcore establishment denizens, they believe they are entitled to dictate how all of us will live.  We are expected to obey.  We are not to question their rules — lockdowns, mask mandates, quarantines, vaccines, and thoroughly misguided treatment recommendations.  Their hysteria over Trump's mild recommendation of HCQ probably cost thousands of lives that might have been saved with HCQ as an early therapy and prophylactic.  Their censorship of any and all vaccine skepticism is very likely doing tremendous damage; an uniformed public is a public in grave danger. 

We all know who the good guys are, but they are too few.  They need a legion of intrepid, like-minded cohorts if this nation is to be saved from the globalist/communist takeover that is now in process.  Biden is an addled cipher, a non-entity.  After only a month, it is clear that he is a tool of China, Iran, and the anti-American left.  Will enough of the Republicans stand up and fight?  Let's see how the confirmation votes go.  That will tell the story.  That will signal the fate of America.