Kristof got it right

Honestly, I was not expecting this, but Nicholas Kristof is right about school openings. This is from Fox News:

"Many Democrats seemed to be more suspicious of in-person schooling last summer when President Donald Trump called for it," he writes, adding, "We shouldn’t let ourselves be driven by ideology rather than science."

Yes, a little too much Trump Derangement Syndrome on the Democrat side of the aisle.

I wonder when the teachers' union will call on the New York Times to cancel Kristof.  After all, telling the truth can get you canceled in today's climate.

Many of us have seen Catholic schools or other private schools open and operate successfully in North Texas.  Some of our public schools have also opened with no apparent damage to kids or teachers.  In fact, I spoke with a father a couple days ago who told me that his kids can choose between "in person" and "virtual" in the local high school.

The real question is this: how much damage has the union done to its brand?  The answer is significant.  You are seeing more and more parents homeschooling or calling the private schools and negotiating the enrollment of their children.  For example, a local friend who works for the Catholic schools told me that the phone is constantly ringing or parents asking for a spot this year.

Maybe Mr. Kristof can follow this article with one about how the media shot themselves in the foot by going anti-Trump 24/7.

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Image: New York Times.

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