Joe getting nervous? Biden White House tells Meena Harris to quit cashing in off Kamala Harris name

It's not just Hunter Biden who's proving an embarrassment to the Joe Biden White House.

Kamala Harris has at least one relative just as brimming with cupidity and eager to strike it rich.

Latest from Joe is this, as reported by the New York Post:

Vice President Kamala Harris’ social-media-influencer niece has long used her aunt’s fame to boost her own personal brand — but now that Harris has entered the White House, aides have become increasingly concerned about the ethical implications of the promotional pattern, according to a report. 

“Some things can’t be undone,” a White House official, speaking about niece Meena Harris, 36, on the condition of anonymity, told The Los Angeles Times.

“That being said: Behavior needs to change,” the official said of the niece Harris, whose ventures have reportedly become a sensitive issue in the newly formed Biden-Harris White House. 

She jumped right in to make money off her auntie Kamala's election by creating knock-off t-shirts and advertising her connections, fast as Frank Biden.

According to The Moguldom Nation, an African-American-led publication:

Her 3-year-old lifestyle brand, Phenomenal Woman, has just inked new deals and has debuted products that seem to be tied to her Aunt Kamala being elected vice president. 

The Biden-Harris transition team warned Meena that she can’t profit off her famous aunt’s image after she unveiled a collaboration between her company and Beats By Dre, Axios reported.

Harris's niece Meena, 36, is the daughter of her close sister Maya, and something of a gadfly, always looking to strike it rich. That covers a wide field, from selling t-shirts, writing wokester children's books, wallowing in adoring fashion shoots, working in some at least nominal boss positions for Uber, Facebook and Slack, sinecure-ing on some San Francisco city women's commission, serving as an 'advisor' for Kamala Harris (payment unknown), hanging out with celebs, posting "lifestyle" vanity posts on Instagram, and glomming onto a big mishmash of left-wing causes, whichever are most in the news.

Oh, and for kicks, she's vowed to keep annoying the government of India, where she's unpopular. Politico wrote a piece five days ago headlined: "The @meena problem goes global." 

She's a bright, or at least, connected, person, having gone to Stanford where her grandpa taught, and then Harvard Law, according to her Wikipedia page. She's held top positions at top Silicon Valley baronies, most seemingly connected to relatives, which kind of tells you that Silicon Valley might not be all about brains. And like Chelsea Clinton, who also got some fancy positions, presumably because she's such an accomplished renaissance woman, Meena's nevertheless collected remarkably few merit awards.

She's married to Nikolas Ajagu, whose LinkedIn page says he's at present the Global Head of Advertising Technology Partnerships at Facebook, which sounds like maybe the guy who decides who gets de-monetized, and who doesn't. He's held earlier positions about monetization, so there's a lot of stuff he knows. News reports say he left the position to be a house-husband, but he hasn't updated his LinkedIn, making one wonder if maybe like Hunter, he's 'unwinding' his Facebook job. Not surprisingly, his wife Meena has 800,000 followers on Instagram. Ajagu himself reportedly knows enough to stay off Facebook

So now Joe's told her to cool it, and quit advertising her connections to Kamala in the quest for big celebrity-style lifestyle-and-wokedom bucks. (Shouldn't someone supposedly so bright and accomplished be able to come up with a business idea that doesn't need to monetize a relative?)

That may mean he's feeling some kind of heat, and it would have to be from the public. After all, Biden originally declared: “My son, my family will not be involved in any business, any enterprise that is in conflict with or appears to be in conflict,” he said in 2020, yet much of his family simply ignored it, suggesting nobody's afraid of Joe.

The call though, bears watching. Meena's t-shirt sales are certainly fodder for stories about leftist greed, which is one thing for sure. But perhaps more troubling, her attacks on the government of India pretty well tie Old Joe's hands, and as Politico noted, he's trying to do some things with India for the sake of the United States, but Meena seems to be in the way, alienating India, (which certainly pleases rival China) and getting first dibs on what U.S. foreign policy will be.

It all shows a lot of over-reach among Democrats, that something like this could be such a brittle matter to Joe. After all, for years he's been tolerating this kind of grift from relatives, as Peter Schweizer's books have described. He's over-reached in hugely phenomenal ways -- from the "election" that got him curiously into office without coattails, to his extremist executive orders, throwing thousands of Americans out of work, to his militarizing of the Capitol just like a fourth-world dictatorship.

 And now he's trying to tell his money-obsessed relatives, inclucing Meena, to stop. It's not just pathetic, it's a sign he may be getting nervous and in political trouble.

 Image: Screen shot from shareable video by New York Public Library, via YouTube