It's possible that Trump-supporters fell into a trap on January 6

Dinesh D'Souza did a podcast pointing out Nancy Pelosi's peculiar behavior regarding events at the Capitol in the days leading up to January 6.  In the five weeks since then, Pelosi has turned Washington, D.C. into an armed, walled city and is working with the White House to crack down on dissenting views — meaning any views that run counter to the Democrat party narrative.  There's something weirdly un-American about what we're seeing now.

On February 17, D'Souza did an hour-long podcast entitled "Trump's Next Move."  You can find the entire podcast here.  Townhall published the transcript of his discussion about Nancy Pelosi's behavior before and after the events of January 6.  It makes for unnerving reasoning.

D'Souza points out something we've all noticed, which is that, on January 6, many of the people peacefully walked and gawked through the Capitol after having been invited in — and treated respectfully — by the relatively small number of Capitol police officers on duty.  If you've ever visited the Capitol in the past, you know that's not how it ordinarily works.

Even stranger is the fact that Capitol police officers, who expected to be pulling extra duty, given that everyone knew that large numbers of Trump-supporters would be flooding D.C., were instead sent home for the day.  Additionally, D'Souza points out, when Trump offered 10,000 National Guard troops to help out because the rally was in town, both those in charge of the Capitol and D.C. mayor Muriel Bowser rebuffed the offer.  As speaker of the House, it's inconceivable that Pelosi wasn't part of this decision.

In addition, says D'Souza:

Steve Sund, the U.S. Capitol Police Chief, called for National Guard backup two days before January 6. His offer was declined — and declined by whom? Declined by the sergeant of arms [sic] working in cohorts, in consultation with Nancy Pelosi's office. 

The sergeant at arms later explained that they didn't want the "optics" of troops in town — but D'Souza states correctly that "this explanation to me makes absolutely no sense."  Since January 6, the Democrats have been rubbing security in everyone's face, so those optics are fine with them.

Pelosi's been moving people around like chess pieces since then:

Now, right after January 6 what does Nancy Pelosi do? She fires the sergeant of arms [sic]. She fires the Capitol Police Chief Steve Sund and she replaces him with another guy and, very interestingly, the police union, the union that actually represents the Capitol Police, took a vote and 92% of them have voted no confidence in this quote "new leadership." In other words, in this guy Yogananda Pittman, Nancy Pelosi's man that she stuck in there. The Capitol Police are basically saying we don't think this guy is any good.

We also know from the WaPo, of all places, that the FBI had advance warning that various radical groups were planning to attack the Capitol.  Yet no one did anything.  It's inconceivable that they kept this information to themselves.

Despite all the Oprah-esque theater that leftist House members put on regarding the trauma they experienced on January 6 (a minor kerfuffle compared to what the rest of America experienced in 2020), the events on the day have been good for the Democrats.  They've since used it to stage a kangaroo second impeachment (although it backfired because Trump's gone up in Americans' estimation).

Even more importantly, Democrats are using January 6 to silence any political opposition.  They've been trying to drive Republicans out of Congress.  On Thursday, they announced that they're working with the White House to come up with a plan so that social media will work even harder to silence "disinformation" — which means anything that challenges Democrat facts or conclusions.

In case you're wondering, this is how totalitarian dictatorships operate.  Free speech is out; increasingly brutal suppression is in.

And speaking of increasing brutality, there's the fact that the Democrats have used the events of January 6 to turn Washington, D.C., into a security fortress of the type any tyrant would love.

Benny may have taken a lighthearted tone when he toured the D.C. wall that went up overnight, but the fact is that it's turned our Capitol into an armed encampment, one that Democrats clearly intend to keep pace with continuously shifting deadlines for their departure:

One could say Pelosi was Machiavellian enough to position matters in advance of January 6 to create a trap for Trump and his supporters.  Equally, one could say she simply elevated a stupid, drab, depressing event into a crisis so she could not refrain from letting it go to waste.  No matter the viewpoint, the fact remains that January 6 was the best thing that ever happened to a political party anxious to jettison the Constitution and achieve total control over America.

Image: Checkpoint Nancy (with text addition by A. Widburg).  YouTube screen grab.

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