Ending advanced classes in public schools because the wrong races excel at them

If the Chinese Communist Party wanted to ensure that China will dominate the United States technologically for generations to come, it would push with all its might to spread the poisonous ideology underlying the follow news, from Asche Schow of The Daily Wire:

Fourth, fifth, and sixth graders will not be accepted into advanced classes in Boston for the next year because a majority of students in those classes are white or Asian.

GBH News reported that the selective program, called Advanced Work Classes, will suspend enrollment in part because of the pandemic but also because of “concerns about equity.”

The school district analyzed the demographics of the program and found that “more than 70 percent of students enrolled in the program were white and Asian, even though nearly 80 percent of all Boston public school students are Hispanic and Black,” GBH reported.

“There’s been a lot of inequities that have been brought to the light in the pandemic that we have to address,” Superintendent Brenda Cassellius told the outlet. “There’s a lot of work we have to do in the district to be antiracist and have policies where all of our students have a fair shot at an equitable and excellent education.”

Denying advanced education opportunities to qualified and hard-working students because they are not of the races that Superintendent Cassellius favors does not give them “a fair shot at an equitable and excellent education.” It has the effect of lowering their opportunities and achievements to the lowest common denominator, simply because some other groups cannot keep up with their pace and scope of learning. It is a policy of cutting down the tall grass, so that in the future, there will be no Einsteins, no Katherine Johnsons, among future graduates of the Boston Public Schools

The racialist left has started following the practice of apartheid-era South Africa and lumping Asians with Caucasians, as “honorary whites” when it suits their agenda:

“...more than 70 percent of students enrolled in the program were white and Asian”

New York City plays a similar game:

[Outgoing NYC Schools Superintendent] Mr. Carranza had consistently said… that the city’s gifted program was fundamentally unfair. White and Asian-American students hold about 75 percent of seats in the city’s gifted programs, whereas Black and Latino children make up about 70 percent of the overall district.

The 30% of students in Bkston’s advanced learning programs that come from the ethnic groups favored by Supt. Cassellius are going to be harmed just as much as the Asians and Whites whose opportunities are being truncated. If “Dr. Cassellius” were actually concerned with their welfare, as well as that of the students (of all races) currently unable to meet the standards, she would be working on improving elementary education and maybe even counseling parents and families about what practices prepare children to academically excel. Things like reading books to young children, limiting the amount of time and attention paid to video games and sports, taking kids to the public library regularly, and maybe even reading a few books themselves and discussing them with their kids, while, stressing the opportunities that open up once when one works hard at excelling in school.

I am certain that Chairman Xi prefers the course that Supt. Cassellius has taken.

I wonder: if it turns out that certain races do not earn their proportionate share of membership on high school athletic teams, should those programs also be ended in the name of fairness and equity? If not, why not?  


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