Don’t you dare insult our valued Hollywood stars!

One of the great things going for Democrats who want to silence their opponents is that they don’t have to fumpher around with the First Amendment’s prohibitions against censorship. Instead, corporate America, unconstrained by the First Amendment, will do the silencing for them. The latest example comes by way of Professor Gad Saad, a famed evolutionary behavior scientist and author, who found himself silenced at Psychology Today for daring to say mean things about Seth Rogen. In today’s America, if you’re a leftist, you’re perpetually above reproach.

Saad began contributing to Psychology Today in 2008 and eventually ended up writing 312 articles for them, articles that brought in nearly 7 million readers. The article that is the subject of this post was hugely popular. Within 30 minutes, it had become one of the most popular posts on the Psychology Today site.

So, what was this popular article written for a glossy publication that provides light-as-air, user-friendly insights into psychology issues? It was Saad’s description and analysis of an interchange he had with actor Seth Rogen on Twitter.

A little background if you’re not familiar with Seth Rogen. Rogen has built his career on being the good-natured, usually stoned, slob in a variety of crude movies. I first became aware of him when he played the male lead in Knocked Up. For reasons that made sense only to the filmmakers, a good looking, successful woman had sex with him and got pregnant. The movie showed Rogen maturing enough to be a father to his child. It was a nice movie.

And that’s been Rogen’s character ever since: Stupid slob with hidden (deeply hidden) charm.

Rogen next impinged on my consciousness when he appeared on one of the most grotesquely anti-Semitic shows that Comedy Central ever aired. It was a “comedy” roast for James Franco and the self-loathing from the Jewish “comedians” on the show was appalling. Since then, I’ve tried hard to avoid watching any of those damaged people.

Thanks to his shlub shtick, Seth Rogen is worth about $80 million. He’s also an avowed socialist. In 2007, when he was starting to rake in money, Rogen boasted that he was raised in a socialist home. Trump’s election triggered Rogen’s full leftist blossoming as well as his increasing hostility to Israel. Nevertheless, there is no evidence that this committed leftist feels that he would benefit the world by giving away 80 or 90 percent of his ill-gotten capitalist gains.

It was this hypocrisy that led Gad Saad to get into a Twitter spat with Rogen at the end of January. Saad was intrigued by the internal contradictions of a fabulously wealthy “socialist” who preaches pain for others while enjoying extraordinary wealth and luxury.

After the Twitter back-and-forth, Saad wrote up an essay for Psychology Today (which you can find archived here) in which he quoted at length from their exchange. He concluded that Rogen is a “hypocritical fraud” and that he and the other leftists in his world are “vacuous parasitic virtue-signalers”:

Bottom line: In order for a signal to be an honest one, it must be handicapping; it must be costly to the one who emits the signal.  Raif Badawi lived out his convictions. He engaged in costly signalling.  Seth Rogen and other champagne socialists do not live out their convictions. They are vacuous parasitic virtue signallers who wear Che Guevara t-shirts from the luxury of their Malibu homes.  Be the former and reject the latter.

The article took off, probably because people were delighted to see someone speak honestly about the vapid hypocrisy that permeates Hollywood. Psychology Today, though, pulled the article:

When Saad was eventually able to pry an explanation out of management, he learned that it was wrong to speak strongly about hypocrites in America’s ruling class:

I doubt Seth Rogen will be grateful to Psychology Today for protecting his sensitive little hide. I’m pretty sure, though, that a lot of conservatives who might have been inclined to read Psychology Today will no longer be so inclined. We conservatives have been censored by better places than that home of glossy psychobabble.

IMAGE: Seth Rogen on smoking pot and making pottery. YouTube screengrab.

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