Desperate progressives try to find Nazi symbol on the CPAC stage

Will progressives ever stop comparing conservatives to Nazis? That’s a question I’ve been asking myself for some time and I wouldn’t be surprised if other conservatives have wondered the same thing. In a sense, progressives and the liberal media seem hopelessly desperate to form some sort of pseudo-link between the Nazis and modern American conservatives. Indeed, it’s been a fruitless, pointless goal of theirs for many years, much to no avail.

To give a relevant example, in a recent Snopes “fact-check” article, it’s argued that the CPAC 2021 logo resembles an odal rune. While the odal rune long predates the Nazis and was originally part of an archaic alphabet, it’s been commonly associated with Nazism and Nazi Germany since the 20th century.  

So, does the allegedly sinister CPAC logo resemble an odal rune? Well, no. Not quite.

When I compared the CPAC logo to the rune on a Nazi uniform, the two symbols didn’t even look that similar and you’d have to really stretch the truth or lie to claim that they’re nearly identical.  Despite the dissimilarity or very loose similarity, the author of the Snopes article went as far as to claim that the CPAC logo was “eerily” similar to the infamous Nazi symbol, even while calling the allegation “unproven” (not “false”).

Images via Snopes

That, my friends, is pure nonsense. I don’t see much of a resemblance and I seriously doubt you will either. However, what I do see is the desperate, frivolous plight of progressives doing all they can to associate conservatives with one of the evilest factions in history. That agenda is very blatant, and it’s gotten quite old.

The Snopes narrative is very similar to the one USA Today pushed last year, in which the news outlet initially and erroneously ruled that some Trump campaign shirts featured the Nazi symbol of the imperial eagle. After some much-deserved criticism and mockery, USA Today revised their “fact-check”, finally admitting that the eagle is also a longtime U.S. symbol.

While I don’t like being compared to the Nazis, the comparison isn’t even an accurate one given the values and beliefs I and other conservatives hold. Indeed, I’d argue that conservatives are the polar opposite of the Nazis, officially known as the ‘National Socialist German Workers’ Party’. Did you catch that? Progressives don’t seem to like bringing up the Nazis’ full party name and they rarely do so. To the dismay of leftists, yes, the Nazis were indeed socialists. No, they weren’t “far-right” as many have claimed and I’d argue that fascism, socialism and communism are all on the very far-left end of the political spectrum.

Compare the hateful, totalitarian and genocidal rhetoric of the Nazis to the values held by conservatives. Conservatives value tradition, religion, practicality, commonsense, limited government, a lasting preservation of our Constitutional rights and an emphasis on individuality and liberty. That hardly mirrors the conformist, hateful and dictatorial views of the Nazis or any other left-wing factions. The far-left (Nazis included) has totalitarianism embedded in its very being. In contrast, conservatives are some of the least totalitarian people you’ll meet.

So how should we remedy this persistent problem of progressives comparing us to Nazis? Well, we can certainly argue with facts and logic but some will pointlessly keep trying to compare us to Nazis or other historically-evil groups. Their minds are made up so the best thing we can do is roll our eyes, have a good laugh and provide brief rebuttals if we deem it necessary. To conclude, no, conservatives aren’t Nazis or even remotely similar to Nazis. ANTIFA on the other hand…Well, that’s a different story.

Landon Freeman is a writer, political enthusiast and advocate for Christian apologetics.

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