COVID relief heading to the coffers of social justice warriors

At a time when small businesses go wanting, why is COVID relief easily attained by Democrats' favorite radical activist groups?

Apparently, it's rolling out for them, based on political and even racial and political considerations.  With Joe Biden attempting to ram a monster new COVID relief stimulus through in these days, it may be that Democrats are looking to make their radical activist allies into millionaires.

Jason Rantz of 770KTTH of Seattle wrote about what's going on, citing examples from his state and examples from others:

The Washington State Department of Commerce gave federal COVID relief tax dollars to nonprofits pursuing radical political agendas. Tax dollars even went to indirectly bail criminals out of jail.

The selection process for funding was based on race. And some of the vetting seems influenced more by ideology than by need.

The Department of Commerce, led by Lisa Brown, aimed to "distribute COVID relief funds equitably to the communities hardest hit by the pandemic." But to qualify to the Washington Equity Relief Fund, a group of "reviewers" made sure the nonprofits were "led by and serving Black, Indigenous and people of color."

Among others, the noxious Jew-hating NGO known as CAIR pocketed a free $50,000 from the taxpayers as its COVID relief measure.  It had been reportedly rejected for budget reasons earlier, according to Rantz, but somehow, someone pulled some strings to ensure they got it, and too bad about the rules. 

Another group, the Climate Justice Initiative, claimed that COVID led to canceled contracts and canceled fundraisers.  You know, those big glittering charity balls full of ladies who lunch?  Somehow, they got theirs ahead of restaurants and gyms and beauty parlors. 

There were also these charmers:

Collective Justice, part of the Public Defenders Association, is a partisan, social justice group. It actively lobbies light-on-crime policies and is now being propped up by federal tax dollars.

The nonprofit is currently asking supporters to back a Democrat-sponsored bill forcing courts to ignore the juvenile crimes of adult defendants in sentencing. It received $25,000 in federal tax dollars through the state.

And these, whose mission, according to Rantz, seems to be to "bail criminals who recommit."  And these people seem to be fond of dishonesty, as Rantz reports:

The Bail Project was described as a "small startup program" by internal paperwork to justify the grant. But it is not a small startup.

The Bail Project national organization had an operation budget of nearly $25 million in 2018 and $15 million in 2019, according to Charity Navigator.

This is outrageous.  The groups claim that COVID has dried up their donations, but the problem may well be that the public doesn't want to donate to them anymore, given their bad causes.  Instead of change their missions to something more in the public interest, they're getting federal bailouts, so they can keep pursuing bad causes that the public at large doesn't want to pay for. 

It might actually be an artificial life support system for every radical cause under the sun.

For radicals, it's a piñata, because Joe Biden is trying to ram through another $1.9-trillion COVID relief spending bill.  You might get $1,400 from it.  But social justice warriors will get $50,000.  It calls to mind President Obama's rewarding of this ACORN allies with 2009 stimulus funds.  It's nothing but political back-scratching by Joe and his cronies, and like Venezuela's wealth, it will be lost to corruption.  Why are these people getting money at all while legitimate businesses are being shut down and forced to wait for any such relief?

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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