Chris Wallace's toxicity with Fox News viewers on display in charity auction

The continuing prominence of Chris Wallace on Fox News both annoys and perplexes many of the channel's remaining conservative viewers.  And now we finally have a metric demonstrating the aversion toward Wallace by Fox viewers.

During his coverage of the defense's case in the second Trump impeachment Friday, Wallace outdid himself, arguing that it was fine for Democrats to use the word "fight" after the defense team presented many examples of them doing so, even though the Dems believe that Trump's use of the same work was impeachable incitement to insurrection.  Because the "context" was different.  He then made a nonsense comparison to using "fire" in a crowded theater versus using it in ordinary conversation.  The problem is that Democrats were using "fight" in political exhortations — the equivalent of using "fire" in a crowded theater, given the comparison.


"Honestly, I think it's a silly argument," Wallace said on Fox News. "Using the word in different contexts means different things. One of the constitutional statements about freedom of the first amendment in freedom of speech is crying 'fire' in a crowded theater, and that that's not protected, because that would be incitement to a mob. If you ran 100 clips of people saying the word 'fire,' it doesn't have the same meaning. Obviously, Elizabeth Warren at a campaign rally saying 'fire' or Dennis McDonough saying he was going to fight for veterans' rights as the new VA Chief is not the same as what Donald Trump is doing. I thought it was ludicrous."

During yesterday's coverage, a charity auction sponsored by Fox News host Bret Baier was underway, benefiting the Children's Hospital Foundation, a worthy cause if ever there were one.  Check out what a personalized book from Tucker Carlson is currently (6:32 A.M. EST) bid at:

 Or two books and a phone call to talk investments with Charles Payne:

Or a personalized book and a Zoom call from Greg Gutfeld:

In comparison, a personalized book signed by Chris Wallace is a real bargain:

Of course, it is possible that some billionaire Trump-hater, now that the Lincoln Project no longer is a respectable outlet for donations, might decide to bid up Chris's book in an effort to save face.  There may well be a group of "Friends of Chris" (FOC, who collectively would be known as FOCheads).  If so, the children's hospitals benefit, which is fine with me.

Hat tip: Lauri P. Regan

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