Can the Abraham Accords' 'cover girl peace' extend to the US?

Well, that was fast.  A few months ago, the United Arab Emirates, a seven-member group of emirates on the Arabian Peninsula with a majority Muslim population, signed a peace treaty, known as the Abraham Accords, with Israel, a Jewish nation.  Although the two countries don't share a common border, the UAE had previously joined with other Muslim nations opposing Israel.  Now they are discussing joint business ventures and cultural exchanges. 

The most visible example of this change is the appearance of top Israeli model, Yael Shebia, gracing the February, 2021 cover of UAE's magazine L'Officiel Arabia, highlighting  their major cover story, "A Peace of History."

"I'm so happy to be a part of this historic cover," Shelbia wrote in an Instagram post. Thank you @lofficielarabia & @laishamag Together we are stronger." 

"Together we are stronger."  Now, that's a lesson that editors of American magazines, especially the so-called women's magazines, should really learn.  In the four years of President Donald J. Trump (R)'s presidency, his wife, Melania Trump, a very attractive woman who was a professional model, did not appear on the cover of one magazine, as usually happens with the wives of other presidents.  No cozy tours of the White House with Melania, no interviews with her about raising a child in the public eye for their readers. 

Hmm, perhaps the editors were prejudiced?  Melania was a legal immigrant who spoke English and a successful woman in her own right.  Yeah, that must be the reason; the narrow-minded editors couldn't cope with that.  Trump's daughters and daughters-in-law are also attractive, intelligent women with interesting backgrounds and experiences, but they too were ignored by the editors of these magazines.  Hmm again.

Maybe, just maybe, the editors of the American women's rags...umm...mags will learn from their overseas counterparts that diversity and pluralism are basic to American life and that "together we are stronger."

Or am I too optimistic?

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