Calling out the Unholy Six Republican senators who voted to advance Trump's impeachment trial

The following is copied and pasted from the CBS News website, February 9:

Senators Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Mitt Romney of Utah, Ben Sasse of Nebraska and Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania joined all 50 Democrats in voting to uphold the constitutionality of [Trump's post-presidency impeachment] trial.

First, concerning a certain Senate Democrat: you too, Joe Manchin?

Clearly, the Republican senators listed above have, by their vote against the express language of the Constitution, made common cause with the rabid Senate Democrats and must be primaried next election.  Should the GOP regain their Senate majority in 2022, these senators should be either denied membership on any Senate committee or placed on the most non-consequential of Senate committees.

The Unholy Six have previously made clear their loathing for a now private citizen and have placed their personal disregard of former president Trump far above their duty to the Constitution and their responsibilities to their constituents.  It is worth speculating that these sad excuses for Republicans — call them CRINOs (Craven Republicans In Name Only) — were emboldened by the example of Liz Cheney, who has shown that she can vituperate against the former president with the worst of Democrat anti-Trump propagandists and get away with it.

What profit is there in turning to Republicans for succor against the self-aggrandizing, tyrannical Democrats if they lack the will to call to account the GOP turncoats in their own ranks?  It is to be expected that the power-mad Democrats will place themselves not only above the law, but above our Constitution.  It is unforgivable for elected Republicans to ignore people in their own ranks who are no more committed to the rule of law, to the Constitution, than the malevolent Democrats.

The readiness of the Unholy Six to accept the lie of the Democrats that this affront to the Constitution is acceptable is indication enough that these six sorry servants of the left will accept all the lies the rabid left hurls at and heaps upon private citizen Trump, including the malicious accusations that he incited the January 6 events at the Capitol.  

The forty-four Republican senators who stood fast against this travesty of a "trial," and stood tall in defense of the Constitution, against the leftist horde intent on undermining our legacy of liberty, must now make common cause with the 74 million (or is it really more than 80 million?) and, to borrow from Madison in Federalist No. 57, nourish our spirit of freedom, as we nourish theirs.

Truth is under attack, along with such essential rights for democracy as free speech, freedom of thought, and due process of law.  We cannot expect to prevail if we tolerate the sowers of discord and chaos in our own midst.  If we fail to stand against the enemy within, how can we succeed in prevailing against  the enemies of democracy from the left?

The test is simple enough: any Republican ready to make common cause with the deceiving, discordant Democrats is not a Republican at all and, thus, is undeserving of being treated as a member of the GOP.  Unholy Six — be gone!  Along with Cheney.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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