Black Lives Matter leader openly supports the Israel-haters

One of the constants with leftism is anti-Semitism.  Before Israel's existence, the anti-Semites associated Jews with using capitalism to secretly control the world.  After Israel came into being, the socialists added a new sin: Israel was a colonial occupying power.  It should therefore come as no surprise that activist groups associated with the increasingly socialist Democrat party are anti-Semitic Israel-haters.  A few years ago, the Women's March become openly anti-Semitic now, a leader in the Black Lives Matter movement is doing the same.

Hatred for the Jews is nothing new.  In pagan times, they were hated for refusing to bow down to the pagan gods.  During pre-Enlightenment Christianity, they were hated for their role in convicting Christ, for refusing to recognize His divinity, and for the fact that a handful of them were moneylenders.  This last was because Catholic Church officials selectively criminalized the sin of usury among Christians while tolerating it among Jews, leading to jealousy among the Christian faithful when Jews accumulated wealth in ways forbidden to Christians.

With socialism, a new hatred for Jews developed.  Christianity had gone by the wayside.  However, the Marxist obsession with capital meant that the Jews' age-old association with capital made them a target for leftist hatred.  Additionally, Karl Marx, a self-loathing Jew (his father converted to Christianity for business reasons when Marx was a child), spouted anti-Semitic venom that would have made Hitler proud.

Speaking of Hitler, it's important to remember that his hatred for Jews was also a byproduct of his socialism.  After all, he was the leader of the National Socialist Party.  It was leftist hatred for Jews that justified slaughtering six million Jews, most of them desperately poor, merely poor, working-class, or middle-class.

With Israel's emergence, the left got a new reason to hate Jews: now they're accused of being colonial occupiers, stealing land from the indigenous Arabs.  This version of events is a historic lie.  Jews are the region's indigenous people with the Arabs coming in as recent interlopers.  Truth, however, has never stopped leftists.

When Trump entered the White House, the same cadre of feminists and suburban women who worshiped Bill Clinton despite his shady reputation with women had a collective meltdown.  They couldn't cope with Trump having said, quite rightly, that when you're a billionaire, there are a lot of women who will let you get away with sexual liberties.

These fragile flowers, therefore, started a "Women's March" movement that saw them put pink hats on their heads to symbolize vaginas (although now it's verboten to say that vaginas define women because so-called transgender women lack them), make obscene signs, and march to protest their coming subjugation in the age of Trump.  Ironically enough, women's return to being housebound happened in the last twelve months thanks to Democrat policies locking schools, forcing women to return to their traditional mothering roles.  But I digress.

Within a very short time, anti-Semites seized the Women's March.  Even when the group tried to "fix" the problem, the Women's March just couldn't quit its anti-Semitism.

Considering the level of anti-Semitism already existing in America's Black community (thanks to the leftist takeover of the Black community), it should come as no surprise that BLM is the latest Democrat/leftist organization to have its leadership state openly that it wants to destroy the tiny corner of the Middle East that is Jewish:

Marc Lamont Hill, an academic and Black Lives Matter activist, says that one of the goals of the BLM movement is to destroy Israel.

"One of the new possibilities that [activists] imagined is a world that is anti-imperialist. They don't want to just nation-build but they want to world-make," Hill said.

"So Black Lives Matter very explicitly is talking about the dismantling of the Zionist project. Dismantling of a settler-colonial project," he continued. Despite Jews being culturally indigenous to the land of Israel, BLM activists have long associated Israel with colonialism.

Hill also said that the BLM movement is "very explicitly embracing BDS," referring to the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction movement to boycott Jewish products made in Israel.

It happens every time: scratch a serious leftist, and find an even more serious anti-Semite.  Leftism is a toxic religion of hatred.  We can only hope that the fact that the left's mask of caring and unity is gone now that the Democrats own Washington, D.C., will disgust ordinary Americans of all colors and creeds who believe in a functioning pluralist society, traditional values, and judging people by the content of their character.

Image: Black Lives Matter and anti-Zionism.  YouTube screen grab.

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