Biden's Pentagon 'review' falls short to deter communist Chinese

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden visited the Pentagon to launch a review of how the U.S. military is postured to deter China in the Pacific.  Given the president's statements concerning China, it is clear he doesn't understand the existential threat posed by our Chinese enemy.

Mr. Biden totally misses Beijing's threat because his "review" falls terribly short of the mark.  His worldview is naïve and shortsighted, and he fails to recognize that the Communist Chinese truly intend to conquer the world.  Indeed, Beijing seeks to destroy America — every aspect of our country and, by association, Western civilization.  We need to review and then act upon all aspects of our relations with that totalitarian regime or risk our future: trade, military, technology, cyber, ideological, media, geopolitical, and more.

There is no doubt that Beijing's ultimate goal is to have the Middle Kingdom sitting atop the entire world.   Yes, Chinese President Xi Jinping and his communist puppets are worse than past dictators and on steroids. 

China's Xi is a modern-day wannabe emperor, and he has taken steps to prepare China for global dominance through every means available — the Belt & Road Initiative and rapidly growing the world's largest military, among others, and soon China will be the world's largest economy. 

Meanwhile, the U.S. response to this threat is too little, too late.  Back at the Pentagon, Mr. Biden with Vice President Kamala Harris at his side called for a posture review to help "chart a strong path forward on China related matters."

"It will require a whole of government effort, bipartisan cooperation in Congress and strong alliances and partners," Biden said.  "That is how we will meet the China challenge and ensure the American people win the competition of the future."

No, Mr. Biden, what we face is more than "competition."  It's about something much larger.  It's an existential threat.

China's attack on American civilization demonstrates a degree of arrogance we haven't seen in more than a century, since the time of the demonic leader in Berlin.  We must radically change our approach to this modern fascist regime or face a global war unlike any seen in the past.

Years ago, Samuel Huntington, an American political scientist, argued that future wars would be fought between not countries, but cultures.  He proposed in 1992 that America faces a clash of civilizations, and that is precisely where we are today.  There can be no doubt that China's worldview is one where the Chinese believe they face a true clash of civilizations.  Until American policy reflects and counters this threat, our survival is at risk.

In 1972, then-president Richard Nixon opened the door to China, hoping to pull that communist regime into the democratic, capitalist world.  He failed because, like President Biden, he could not grasp that China's true intent was to conquer America and the West.  China used capitalism to rob the West of jobs, riches, and technology, albeit while denying entrance to everything about democracy and human rights.  Today China has our industries and technologies while aggressively using totalitarian behavior against its own people in Hong Kong, the Muslim Uighurs, Falun Gong, and Christians.  

Yes, China is guilty of the global COVID-19 pandemic.   Did it produce and release the virus from a lab in Wuhan?  Perhaps.  What's not in dispute is that President Xi weaponized the virus to quickly infect the rest of the world, which succeeded beyond his wildest dreams.  As the West shuttered its economies to contain the virus, Beijing's wealth and production expanded.   It is more powerful today thanks to weaponizing the virus.

Going forward, China will press its advantages and won't shy away from bolder actions.  Arrogance and insecurity are evident among the Chinese communist elite, but time isn't on their side. 

China's environment is failing thanks to over production and abuse, and meanwhile, the country's demography is threatened — the Chinese fertility rate is projected to be at -0.5 by 2050, according to the New York Times.  At current rates, the U.S. will eventually be more populous than China, given China's plummeting birth rates.

That means we are entering a very dangerous period.

In 2021, all the elements for the worst outcome with China are in place.  Anything could happen to include global war, and this is arguably the most dangerous time in the history of mankind because of modern weapons and global instability. 

Yes, the Beijing communists have grand, global objectives and must accomplish them in a short time before the world awakens to the true existential treat posed by the tyrants in China.

Will Mr. Biden awaken to do much more than just "review" our military posture against China?  That's to be seen.  What's truly needed today is a top-to-bottom re-evaluation of absolutely every contact we and the balance of the free world have with the Chinese communist regime.  Otherwise, the existential threat Beijing represents will grow.  If it is not dealt with severely and soon, our world could be dominated by a Marxist regime unlike anything ever seen before in the history of mankind.

Mr. Maginnis is a retired US Army officer and the author of Alliance of Evil, a book that outlines 16 indicators of the current cold war with communist China.  His new book, Give Me Liberty, Not Marxism, comes out this spring and chronicles the Marxist threat and how China seeks to radically transform America.

Image via Good Free Photos.

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