Biden gets lost again giving a speech: ‘What am I doing here?’

A sad spectacle of elder abuse, done in the name of power for left-wing Democrats, is unfolding almost daily, as the cognitive impairment of Joseph Robinette Biden, the 46th President of the United States, becomes impossible to hide. Yesterday, in a belated visit to Texas, he stumbled through a script written for him, butchering names of prominent local politicians, unable to speak coherently, and finally asking, “What am I doing here?” in frustration.

Twitter video screengrab



Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino laid out four nights ago the “worst-kept secret in the White House” – that after less than 2 months in office, Biden’s cognitive decline is real.

Democrats already are asking Biden to give up the sole power to order a nuclear strike. This illustrates the grave peril for America and the world of a POTUS not in full possession of his faculties.  It also demonstrates what a grave, irresponsible move it was for a conspiracy of Democrats and media/social media figures to normalize hiding Biden in his basement during the presidential campaign, so that he could serve as a reassuring front man for a leftist cabal that is really running the show, and has the option of installing Kamala Harris as president via the 25th Amendment.