Ben Shapiro steps in to help conservative actress canceled by Disney for wrongthink

Lucasfilm dumped wrongthinking conservative actress Gina Carano from her starring role in their popular franchise The Mandalorian, allegedly because of a tweet showing a picture of a German soldier who failed to give the Nazi salute and analyzing how clever dictators "other" those they dislike.  This indicated that she approved of such Nazi tactics, according to Lucasfillm bigwigs' reasoning, which was also anti Jewish. 

However, Lucasfilm, which is part of Disney, is an important member of the same entertainment industry whose members encourage the trivialization of the evil of Nazism in comparisons as long as the target is former president Donald J. Trump (R).  Then it is laudable. 

For instance, Alec Baldwin continues to sully the easily sulliable Saturday Night Live despite or because of tweets such as the following

"Bury Trump in a Nazi graveyard and put a swastika on his grave," Baldwin wrote.

"The majority of Americans made the right choice. Trump is a maniac."

John Cusack — remember him? — has frequently vomited about Trump as Nazi:

It's Just starting to hit - the symbolic power - of replacing a nazi - with a woman of color on the ticket - is massive historic repudiation of trumpism

Then there is this: "MSNBC host Joe Scarborough compared the Trump administration's border policies to Nazi tactics."

But why is it wrong when President Joe R. Biden (D) himself compares Republican senators who support Trump to Goebbels, the twisted purveyor of deadly propaganda?  Well, of course.

But Carano's intent was the opposite, so — begone!  Enter Ben Shapiro, a Jew who is so comfortable in his Jewishness and Judaism that he decamped from liberal Hollywood to Nashville, where he recently announced:

Gina Carano To Produce And Star In Upcoming Film For The Daily Wire

"They can't cancel us if we don't let them."

Yes, that Gina Carano.

Carano and The Daily Wire announced the new partnership on Friday, two days after the actress was ousted from her role in the Disney Star Wars spinoff show "The Mandalorian." Disney cut the actress on Wednesday in what critics alleged was a politically-motivated hit.

"The Daily Wire is helping make one of my dreams — to develop and produce my own film — come true. I cried out and my prayer was answered," Carano said in a statement Friday. "I am sending out a direct message of hope to everyone living in fear of cancellation by the totalitarian mob. I have only just begun using my voice which is now freer than ever before, and I hope it inspires others to do the same. They can't cancel us if we don't let them."

Freedom is sooooo liberating!

Image via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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