Are you feeling safer yet?

A liberal relative of mine said of Biden's victory that she was overwhelmed with relief.  But she is not likely to experience the life of calm and safety she anticipates with the Democrat party having won the presidency, the Senate, and the House, not to mention control at all levels of the state she lives in: California.

To illustrate the point about safety, take New York City.  A New York Post editorial quotes New York City police commissioner Dermot Shea: "We have made staggering numbers of gun arrests, taking guns off the streets from felons, but when you look, three days later, four days later, those individuals are back on the street committing more gun violence."

The editorial continues by saying that years of often ill conceived criminal justice reform has set up a revolving door that frees even repeat offenders almost instantly.  And "[w]orse, because everyone knows the perp will be back in the neighborhood again — and the no-bail law lets the defense know right away who has talked — witnesses are ever-harder to come by."

Well, that's in one Democrat-run state.  What about California?  According to "Through a series of measures starting back in 2014, the state of California has made it increasingly easy for people to commit property theft and get away with it[.] ... Even in cases where they do manage to catch somebody stealing, it's too often not worth the trouble of taking them down to the station because they'll just be released immediately without bail anyway."  One result of this is that California businesses are shutting down for good.

What about Democrats in Congress?  Surely they have our safety at heart!  Well, not really, reports Fox News: "Democrat Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich) is backing for Manhattan district attorney Tahanie Aboushi, who favors a slew of left-wing proposals, including capping sentences at 20 years and refusing, without exceptions, to prosecute a host of lower-level offenses[.] ... Those included prostitution, theft of services, drug possession and sale, third degree burglary, petit larceny, making graffiti, and second and third degree forgery."

Surely such a candidate couldn't win!  Unfortunately, she could.  According to the Washington Times, the leftist billionaire George Soros "bankrolled the successful campaigns of a new crop of district attorneys who now preside over big cities with skyrocketing crime and frayed relationships with police departments."  These D.A.s fire prosecutors and stop prosecuting "low-level" crimes.

What about at the federal level?  President Biden has our back, right?  Well, no, according to the Daily Caller: President Biden told ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) to stand down.  Under his new rules, illegal aliens will no longer be deported if they get a DUI or commit fraud, tax crimes, or assault.  Frederick County sheriff Chuck Jenkins told "Fox & Friends" host Steve Doocy what this means: "These people are going to roam our streets with impunity[.] ... This is going to be disastrous, dangerous, gonna impact every county, every city, every community in this country and again, this is total lawlessness."  Jenkins added: "Americans will not be safe.  Immigrant communities will not be safe."

The Democrats do seem to be concerned about one type of crime.  Historian Victor Davis Hanson writes: "Not since the Civil War has Washington resembled such a vast police state.  Ex-military officers who once warned Donald Trump not to deploy federal troops to ensure the safety of the White House from Antifa and BLM demonstrators now are silent about a veritable army deployed in Washington."

So though the disruptive Trump is no longer causing my relative nightmares of incipient dictatorship, we can be confident that my relative was premature in her feeling of relief.