A record of decline

President Biden is on a tear to ram through as much executive order policy as he can in the shortest amount of time.  It doesn't matter if the policy is bad for America, just that it's enacted tout de suite via pen and cell from the cellar.

Biden had previously tried to get to this pinnacle of American power and success but failed because even his own side saw him as a liar and a hack.  Those attributes, apparently, served him well this time around and paired with a noticeable loss of brain cells.  His side was only too happy to prop him up as figurehead in chief.  The very first day of his service, right on cue, a pallet of expensive leatherbound binders paraded in front of him, awaiting his scrawl.  Lost in the whirlwind was any utterance of what specifically he was signing and why.  The emphasis, instead, was on the record number of orders signed the first day — more than Trump or even Obama was able to sign five minutes after their inaugurations.  Of course, Trump and Obama had far more attendees to meet and greet on their special days.  They also have more letters in their names, which can drastically slow down an executive order assembly line.   

Joe Biden continues to pad his "success by numbers" achievement of lazy non-legislation, probably because he knows that his time is limited.  No doubt, his legacy will spotlight the record high number of orders he signed.  One could say his highlighter will be the highlight of his tenure.  His bigger and more impactful record will get much less attention — the fastest pace of decline in the history of the country.  

Image: Gage Skidmore.