Whither TDS?

Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) has been very real.  I’m sure by the time the American Psychiatric Association releases the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Twelfth Edition (DSM-12) medical anthropologists will have included it, at least as a footnote.  We’re currently on DSM-5.  

Suffering from TDS is euphemistically referred to as allowing “Big Donny” Trump to live rent-free in one’s head.   It is a self-inflicted disorder characterized by severe anxiety leading to unreasoning hysteria; finding Trump as the core fault in every misfortune, from personal to global; and the immediate onset of complete blindness to one’s own hypocrisy and double-speaking.   A thorough discussion of this disorder is found here.  

What’s next, though, as Trump exchanges, at least for the time being, what is possibly the most powerful position among humanity for a lesser role?  Perhaps the worst-afflicted will spend the rest of their days grumbling and mumbling “It’s all Trump’s fault.” 

Certainly, we can expect months of continuing references to Trump from the incoming administration, as well as those paragons of objective journalism at MSNBC, CNN, The View, and other such organizations.  You hear me, Fox News?  Celebrities will go with whatever keeps their names, faces, and figures in the public eye, of course.

Some fortunate TDS victims have been able to achieve escape velocity through the assistance offered by such groups as WalkAway and Blexit.  Others were so thoroughly offended by the antics of the Lincoln Project and their RINO ilk that they were pushed right out of the TDS family.

However, in recent days we have discovered that Trump was right when he said, “They're not after me, they're after you.”  Following five years of miserably failing in their efforts to cancel Trump, they (as in all of them) are now canceling us.  First, with fraudulent elections silencing the will of the people; now, with cutting the free speech vocal cords of any who might dare to disagree.  They’re not limiting themselves to Republicans, conservatives, abhorrent white supremacists, and religious folks of every stripe. They’re also canceling Libertarians and the “I don’t care, just leave me alone” crowd. 

It’s not just disagreement they’re bothered by, but anything less than total agreement and adherence to their very “fluid” way of thinking.  Anyone other than themselves and their mirror images.  They are the New Segregationists.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is mutating to Other Derangement Syndrome -- ODS.  Say it out loud -- ODS.  It is, and they are.  And now we are all going to be living rent-free in their heads until we rise, starting now, and take this country back, elected representative by elected representative.  I almost wish I was a Californian so I could vote to recall Newsom.  Biden’s disastrous promises and policies will, one hopes, help the process along nicely.

ODS.  Hee-hee-hee, I love it.

Anony Mee is a retired public servant.