When beauty norms meet sucking up to power

There's nothing illegal or unethical about what IMG Models did.  However, the New York–based modeling agency that has some of the biggest names on its roster suddenly discovered a hidden Cinderella in our midst: Ella Emhoff, who is Kamala Harris's 22-year-old stepdaughter.  The problem with this amazing discovery is that Emhoff is entirely ordinary and seems somewhat scary.  It's patently clear that IMG is capitalizing on her stepmother's position, and that's just sleazy.

Over the years, IMG has represented people such as Lauren Hutton, Christie Brinkley, the Hadid sisters, and Karlie Kloss — names so big and women so beautiful by any standard that even I recognize them (and to say that I have no interest in the subject is an understatement).  And now it turns out that 22-year-old Ella Emhoff is ready to enter that rarefied category of the world's most beautiful and/or striking people.

This is Ella Emhoff:

Emhoff isn't an ugly young woman.  Her features are decent.  What strikes me is that, in so many pictures, she's such an angry-, unhappy- — indeed, scary- — looking young woman.  In those photos, she has a face that I'd expect to find in an old East German bondage magazine.  In only a few pictures do you see her with a smile, and then she looks, again, like a nice, but ordinary, young woman (and there's nothing wrong with that):


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Emhoff's at most pleasant ordinariness hasn't stopped the fashion world from swooning about this "get" of someone close to the Biden administration:

Just remember that, for four years, not a single women's magazine put either of these women on its cover:

Four years of this kind of groveling sycophancy over anything associated with the anti-American, pro-Chinese Biden regime is going to get very old very fast.

Image: Ella Emhoff.  Instagram screen grab.