What should Trump do with the time he has left?

Given the latest dynamic development with respect to the role of Mike Pence as the president of the Senate, the outcome of the today's joint session of Congress may look uncertain now.  What is certain, however is that if the meeting goes in Biden's favor, all issues of election fraud will be history.  There will be no investigation.  The media and the Deep State will declare it as the most secure election in history and Donald Trump a traitor for refusing to concede.  Worse, future elections will be meaningless.

Stealing is addictive.  So is power.  A combination of the two is the sad story of Venezuela.  This is why the extent of the fraud in this election must be fully revealed — not through scientific analysis or the testimonials of thousands of brave citizens, nor by presenting  videotapes showing that illegal vote count took place, nor by showing a stack of fake ballots.  To be sure, taken together, all of these point to irrefutable evidence of massive cheating in order to steal the election.

Under a lightly corrupt system, that evidence will have a chance for a relatively fair review and remedy through the courts or political process.  Under a badly corrupt system, the evidence will be dead on arrival.  Unfortunately, it is not an exaggeration to conclude that our system, at state and federal levels, is corrupt to the core.  Donald Trump may lose the fight, but one of his biggest contributions to the nation is that American patriots now get the idea of the full extent of corruption in our three branches of government along with the Deep State, the media, Big Tech, and multinational corporations.

Corruption is a dark practice.  Just like any dark practice, its biggest enemy is light, which can come in the form of legal consequences or people's complete knowledge of the practice.  In the absence of the former, the only alternative solution is the latter.  It is called public humiliation, which, in some cases, is more effective than jail time.

This brings us to the way forward regardless of who will occupy the White House on January 20, but particularly relevant if Biden will be the occupant.  That is, the naked truth of this election must be revealed.  It is the truth that is no longer based on analysis, testimonials, or partial facts.  Only through a full audit of the votes and the voting machines can that truth be revealed.

The left, the media, and the corrupt Republicans do not care about it, but the American people do.  And they are the real stakeholders in the election and of the country.

The naked truth serves two purposes.  One is to clear up once and for all of the legitimacy or illegitimacy of the incoming president, whoever he is.  If the audit supports the current evidence, and Biden has been officially elected, he will be known legitimately as an illegitimate president.  This in itself is the best deterrent for his administration against pursuing radical policies against the will of the majority of American people.  It is a public shame punishment.

On the other hand, if the audit does not support the current evidence, then Biden's call for unity has some validity, and the Trump team needs to do some soul-searching.

The second purpose is to prevent a rigged presidential election from ever happening again.  Otherwise, future elections will be meaningless.

The question is how to accomplish that when the system that can facilitate the audit is heavily corrupt.  The logical answer is to bypass the system by legally seizing the ballots and the voting machines for audit.  This can be done in two ways.  One is by establishing a special counsel.  The problem is, it will not be able to produce a swift result.  The only option is by invoking the limited Insurrection Act in which the president orders the military to do the audit.  Given the latter's chain of command, the work can be completed within two weeks.

If Trump prevails, the prospect of doing the audit is not a problem.  But even if he doesn't, the limited Insurrection Act is still constitutional as long as Trump's intent is not to unilaterally install himself as president for the next term.  It is the intent that serves as the main consideration, whether Trump's decision to invoke it is constitutional or not.  If the intent is to protect election integrity, and thus the Constitution, it is entirely under his responsibility as mandated by the president's oath of office.

Trump should then let the American people decide what to do with the results. But after January 20, if Biden occupies the White House, Trump will at least help pave the way for fair and honest elections in the future.  He will also broadcast to the media and Big Tech that they are just a lying and manipulating cabal.  

It will be a monumental achievement by President Trump.  Will he pull it off?

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Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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