What Rep. Cleaver did would be laughable if it weren't sacrilegious and stupid

On Saturday, news broke that the Democrats are going to remove all gendered words from the House of Representatives.  On Sunday, Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, a pastor, opened the 117th Congress with a prayer.  At its conclusion, he said "amen," and then added "a-women."  What he said was both stupid and sacrilegious.

I wrote here about the newly "woke" House's push to remove gendered language.  I pointed out that, in English, at least, gendered words fall into two categories.  There are words that describe a job using both male and female terms, such as "chairman v. chairwoman" or "steward v. stewardess."  For the most part, it's not a big deal to change those words.  Indeed, most of them have already been changed in ordinary usage.  We speak of the "chair" or of "flight attendants."

However, the House is also going to do away with gendered words that apply specifically to the realities of human biology.  No longer will there be "sons and daughters" or "mothers and fathers," or any other descriptors that are tied to genetic codes that make people male or female.  Instead, there will be "parents" and "children," as well as other "gender-neutral" language, as if there is no difference between the sexes.

This is not an inconsequential change.  It is, instead, part of the left's entire push to force Americans to deny reality.  Reality is that humans, like all mammals, break down into two sexes: male and female.  The sexes have different body types, different brain structures, and different reproductive functions.

Reality says that you cannot magically change from one sex to another because of feelings.  However, Democrats don't care about reality.  Instead, they care that a people that can be forced to believe that sex is an infinitely changeable thing can also be forced to believe that a dynamic, successful president, who was winning on every single known metric (see here for just some examples), lost to a senile, corrupt, ineffectual old man who couldn't get five people together for a rally and who lost on every single known metric — except the alleged "vote."

So, as I said, the Democrats' plan to "de-gender" language in Congress has a deeper goal than merely keeping up with the more strident new members of the Democrat House.  Not all people understand that, though.  It turns out that there are people who are just dumb enough to believe it's all about changing the language.

Enter Rep. Emanuel Cleaver.  He's a pastor who may or may not know that his first name, in Hebrew, means "God is with us."  What he definitely does not know is that the word with which we end prayers — "amen" — also has a meaning in another language.

"Amen" is a word with a storied history, all tied tightly to religion.  It started life in the Torah — the Hebrew Bible — and then moved to the New Testament and the Koran.  In the Torah, the word was used as an affirmation or confirmatory response made by the people after a prayer.  It's generally understood to mean "so be it," and that's the meaning given to it in Greek, Latin, and Arabic.

The one thing it does not mean in any language is "a man" or the grammatically incorrect "a men."  It has nothing to do with the male of the human species.

But try telling that to Emanuel Cleaver (and I still can't get over the fact that this man is a pastor who graduated from the St. Paul School of Theology in Oklahoma City).  When Cleaver, a Democrat United States representative from Missouri, gave the prayer for the 117th Congress on Sunday, he decided to de-gender the word "amen" and added "a-women" to his prayer:

I'll end this post as I began it: under the Democrats' aegis, what was once the world's greatest deliberative body has degenerated into a clown show.  There is nothing more to say.

Image: Emanuel Cleaver.  Twitter screen grab.