What happened to all the pro-Trump violence that was supposed to mar Inauguration Day?

Joe Biden was sworn in yesterday with a supporting cast of about 24,000 National Guard troops deployed from all over the country to Washington, D.C., at enormous, wasted cost in money and disruption to the lives of the troops.  But the media and other Democrats got what they wanted: great visuals portraying an atmosphere of fear, an expectation of dread that violent, white supremacist, scary people bent on insurrection were a threat to the Republic.

That fear is a precious commodity to those who want to silence their political opponents — because an argument on the merits of political policy does not favor the left.  Demonization of conservatives, Trump-supporters, and Caucasian males (and those females and other races who fail to toe the identity politics/socialist line) is a conscious, perverse strategy that has the almost total support of the mainstream media and most of the education industry.

The idea that 74 million Trump voters are bent on overthrow of the U.S. government was always a crock, but thanks to the violent incursion on the U.S. Capitol (not the first such event) on January 6, there was a seed of violence that could be, and was, exploited.  Don't forget that election integrity was and is the aim of those who question the result that led to Biden's inauguration, not an insistence that a revolutionary vanguard would be justified in acting to seize power.  Every single Trump-supporter I know was horrified at the incursion, and many suspect, with some evidence, that agents provocateurs led the way, and mob hysteria led others to follow, dupes.

The inauguration visuals of armed troops were insurrection theatre, with a cast of thousands (literally).

Of course, there was some actual violent protesting the start of the term of the 46th president of the United States, but it didn't come from Trump-supporters.  KATU, Channel 2 in Portland, Ore.:

Protesters started gathering in Southeast Portland on Wednesday afternoon following the inauguration of President Joe Biden.

The so-called J20 protest was billed as a demonstration against the Biden inauguration and law enforcement, while also supporting the rights of indigenous peoples.

Members of the group gathered at Revolution Hall, where they were approached by Portland Police officers on bicycles. The bureau said some people in the group took an officer's bike and threw objects when police retreated.

 The group of roughly 150 people started marching north shortly after 3 p.m. and reached the Democratic Party of Oregon's Portland headquarters shortly before 4 p.m. Protesters smashed windows and vandalized the building. Police said they moved dumpsters into the street and lit the contents of one of them on fire.

This cropped screen grab from KATU shows the anarchist symbol spray-painted on the Democrats' office.

These are not Trump-supporters.  But many if not most Democrats refuse to see Antifa, BLM, and other leftist groups as a threat, even as they openly arm, train, and exercise violence with express political aims.  I doubt many will even hear about, much less condemn, the attack on a Democrat office by leftists.

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