Watching President Trump's address on the Mall

My heart is breaking for America.  This is a bitter moment.  We voted and won the election for President Trump.  We elected one of the best presidents in history for a second term, and instead, we are going to get one of the worst. 

Democrats embrace the ruin of America with glee.  Now they will learn the hard way. 

Or will they?  I think of the progressives I know.  I see no capacity to learn.  They seem like the sort of Russians who believed in Stalin right to the moment the secret police knocked on their door and dragged them away to the firing squad. 

Maybe I'm wrong.  Both black and white voters learned from Obama to vote for President Trump.  Biden, Harris, and their Chinese handlers will have lots of cruel lessons to inflict on us.

As President Trump says, "this is beyond domestic politics; this is a question of national security."  He doesn't say the word China.  The stolen election was planned and organized.  Some of the forces were clearly domestic — our billionaire tech masters, our corrupt politicians, our partisan intelligence agencies, the radicals bankrolled by Obama with billions he siphoned from the Treasury Department and Democrat coffers.

YouTube screen grab (cropped).

We never learned much about the Marxists who groomed Obama and created his career, but I think the problem this time around is worse than that.  China saw Trump as the greatest threat to its cheating economy and imperial ambitions.  They are at war with us, and we are like naïve prey, standing and staring while they trot up like newly introduced wolves and tear us to pieces.

Without President Trump, who will fight for us?

Trump told the Stop the Steal rally in D.C., "Something is really wrong here and we fight, we fight like hell.  If you don't fight, you won't have a country anymore. ... I say this despite all that has happened.  The best is yet to come."

What will conservatives do now?  We understand how few we are.  President Trump has some allies, but fewer than we thought.  Senator Tom Cotton is not one of us.  Liz Cheney, who ran and won her seat as a Trump-supporter, is not.  Senator Lindsey Graham, who glued himself to Fox microphones for four years, has gone invisible.  The courts have shown they are too cowardly to stop a Marxist putsch against our Constitution. 

People are still talking about cleaning up our elections.  Trump calls on us to do that as part of his legacy.  I am a newborn cynic, and all I can do is laugh hollowly.  So what if Republican states — and not even all of them — will strengthen their election laws?  Pennsylvania had good laws that were openly flouted, and the courts did nothing.  Why will it be better in 2021?  It is more likely that fraud will be hardened and institutionalized in enough states to prevent honest elections permanently.

We won't be able to turn out Republican anti-Trump politicians, let alone clean up elections in Democrat districts.  Wyoming, supposedly the reddest state in the nation, is burdened with Senator Barrasso and Congresswoman Cheney, powerful incumbents.  They are impervious to their voters' wrath, which is why they flout our will regularly.

The Democrats have substituted group voting for individual voting.  It is a winning formula for them.  One activist can harvest the votes of thousands.  They will grant amnesty to 20–30 million illegals and harvest their votes.  Welcome to the one-party state.

President Trump is the only person speaking for us.  We understand very well the attack on our fundamental rights and freedoms.  We don't need the president to explain it to us, but we love our president because he experiences it with us.  He is expressing what millions of us are feeling, and it gives us some comfort.  He is putting our shared knowledge of what is wrong and our deep patriotism and sense of outrage into words.

Some angry patriots criminally breached the halls of Congress.  Alas, the building is a hollowed out and meaningless symbol of something that once existed: representative government.   It turns my stomach to look at it now.   

Fighting for justice is not instigating or creating violence.  We know that deep in our bones.  We know Donald Trump has the heart of a lion.  He will keep fighting through the dark days ahead.

For President Trump, we have hearts full of love, respect, and gratitude.  Thank you, Mr. President, for your service.

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